July 25, 2016

2016 Update

Towards the end of last year me and my wife were deciding whether to cash out our chips and stick with 2 children or take the gamble and go for three. As well all know gambling is a risky business, non more so than when it results in a lifelong commitment. In the end we rolled the dice and here is what they landed on:

Orlanda Casey Atkin born on the 18th June 2016.
Having had a look through the blog archive I see that I went into some rather graphic detail when I posted about my first and second children being born. This birth seemed very normal, but then I suppose when you're doing something for the third time it does feel more normal. I'm sure having three children as opposed to two will throw up some challenges for me and my wife as they grow up, but needless to say we feel very blessed with our family.

Online poker has been up and down this year, or I should say down and up. Three months in it was looking like job-time for me, things were not going well and I had made approximately £0, which does not a nappy buy. But I sort of re-set myself on the first of April (a fool-proof plan). I vowed to exercise before each session I played, made some study-based goals as I had been getting lazy at studying (this tends to happen when running bad for a while, but it is the most important time to study), and essentially forget the first three months of the year really happened. Fortunately, since then things have been going much better so I have put the McDonald's application form away for the time being.

I haven't dabbled in the live poker arena much this year. I travelled down-under for the Aussie Millions for the third consecutive year. I did manage to secure my first Australian flag on Hendon Mob after this visit, but unfortunately it was only from a min-cash for 20th place in a $2.5k side event.