May 01, 2014

Aussie Millions & general update...

Right off the bat in 2014 I had some rather odd fortune. I played a feeder satellite into a satellite that looked like it was going to get cancelled (so I played get the Tournament $ if I won. I won. Sweet! Except, it didn't get cancelled. So in I go to a $700 Aussie Millions Satellite with 1 seat. I won that too. Sweet! But now I have to go to Australia at the beginning of February.

Now that sounds pretty awesome, but it was a bitter-sweet feeling for me as I'd be leaving my 2 young children behind for the first time, with my wife having to cope with the little monkeys. My compromise was to only go for a few days. I actually only ended up being there for 6 days, which is a bloody long way to travel for such a short time!

Actually, though, I didn't find the journey too painful. When you have two kids you never really get the time to just sit down and do nothing. So I was actually pretty happy getting to sit, chill, do some reading and watch a film or two that weren't made by Disney for a change!

I was regged up for 1C the day after I got there but fired away at 1B on the day I arrived instead, which was a bold move but I slept really well on the flights and felt like it would be fine.

I actually took what I consider to be the worst beat of my poker career.  Maybe not equity wise as it was still early on in the tournament. However, this was the biggest buy-in tournament I'd ever played, I just traveled 24 hours solely to play it and just a few hours after landing I get this beauty:

Tim Slater (a British reg) of all people opens from early position in Level 5. 778 rainbow flop. Oi oi! Tim bets, I peel, BTN peels. Turn is a Jack. Tim checks, I check, BTN bets, Tim folds, I raise. He tank calls. River is a J. I put him all in for 1/2 ish pot. He calls with J9os. FML. That crippled me, but I managed to spin back up and finish Day One with about a 2/3rds average stack. Unfortunately a couple of hours in to Day Two I got it in with a combo draw vs 2 pair and didn't get there.

So the Main Event didn't go according to plan, and unfortunately nor did the $1k Super-KO, the $2.5k 6-max, or either bullet I fired at the $1k re-entry. It made sense to take a shot in a few tournaments while I had the opportunity in soft fields given that I had traveled all the way to Australia, but after not having the best 4 months online prior to this the bankroll depletion wasn't particularly well timed.

The few weeks after Oz didn't go particularly well either, which equated to about a 6 month spell of suckiness, by far the worst run in my poker career. Fortunately April was kind to me and things finally started to pick up, so hopefully I have turned a corner and I won't have to go job hunting just yet.

Here's a few pics of Australia. I enjoyed the few days I was there, although being on my own was a bit of a bummer. Melbourne is a really lovely city though, I enjoyed the touristy bits that I managed to do and it was pretty sick going for a morning jog alongside the river.

Sick view from my room!

Chocolate & Headphones in exchange for rake!

My jogging route

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6 Comments to "Aussie Millions & general update..."

Michael said...

Nice post. Australia looks lovely, I'd love to get there some day... 6 days is VERY short for such a long distance. :)

dD said...

your posting volume is almost as bad as mines !!

Ashley said...

Il be traveling to Australia at the end of the year cannot wait. Poker, Beer and Australia's amazing weather! Unlucky with the combo draw vs 2 pair we all know how that feels.

Lena Gruber said...

I have been in Australia last year and it has been wonderful. I have visited the casinos in Brisbane and Sydney, but unfortunately had no time to visit the casino in Melbourne. But maybe next time. Hopefully. And bye the way great infos and lovely pictures. Can't wait until you post the next topic. When will it be ready? :) Greetings from Germany

Josh Meyers said...

I'd love to go to Australia and play but I don't see it happening anytime soon in my future. You should post more often!This post is almost a year old lol

dD said...

have you died and just not fcuking told us ?? :)