November 02, 2012

October Review & New Column

Well October pretty much sucked donkey balls. One of the annoying things about poker is that variance and effort do not necessarily correlate with one another. I was rather lazy in September, but made a bunch of money running like God. Conversely, I grinded my titties off in October, and winded up doing only a little better than breaking-even. Fortunately I'm in more decent spirits than you would imagine for a break-even month, as I've dug my way out of a majority of a pretty soul-destroying $7k downswing.

I realise the flow of content from this blog has been a little dry recently to say the least. But I've undertaken a new column, so I will be writing a bit more often at least. Here is a snippet from (and link to) my first piece:

I think people who don’t know much about poker really underestimate the hard work and the emotional stability that it requires to be a professional poker player. Some of my friends give me the impression that they consider my job to be doss; the equivalent of playing Angry Birds on the iPad for a few hours a day, whilst they toil arduously in their respective 9-to-5 jobs... Read More

I've started mixing in a few non-PokerStars tournaments into my sessions, so I'm quite looking forward to seeing what Full Tilt games I might be able to add to my playing schedule when it relaunches next week. Hopefully I can avoid the pain that was October and get back to winning. The wife has turned into Santa Claus at the minute, so I could do with earning some money before Christmas roles around!

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5 Comments to "October Review & New Column"

Anonymous said...

I saw you playing 6max hypers, have you any plans for trying to get supernova elite next yr with them? I notice you play sessions early in the day uk time. Are the games not quite bad then since the majority of the bad players are at work or sleeping or do you find them okay.

Justin said...

nice recovery! it can be really tough putting in the volume when getting the best results. one thing i've found really helpful is scheduling time to play and sticking to it.

Poker Analyse Software said...

what do you think about the "new" FTP, could you add it to your playing schedule?

meister47 said...

hi james
is there a 2+2 discussion about sng rake ongoing? a rake deduction is really necessary. ty

Whispers2Myself said...

James - well done on a great year. I always follow you and will continue to do so in 2013. Inspirational in many ways.