November 02, 2012

October Review & New Column

Well October pretty much sucked donkey balls. One of the annoying things about poker is that variance and effort do not necessarily correlate with one another. I was rather lazy in September, but made a bunch of money running like God. Conversely, I grinded my titties off in October, and winded up doing only a little better than breaking-even. Fortunately I'm in more decent spirits than you would imagine for a break-even month, as I've dug my way out of a majority of a pretty soul-destroying $7k downswing.

I realise the flow of content from this blog has been a little dry recently to say the least. But I've undertaken a new column, so I will be writing a bit more often at least. Here is a snippet from (and link to) my first piece:

I think people who don’t know much about poker really underestimate the hard work and the emotional stability that it requires to be a professional poker player. Some of my friends give me the impression that they consider my job to be doss; the equivalent of playing Angry Birds on the iPad for a few hours a day, whilst they toil arduously in their respective 9-to-5 jobs... Read More

I've started mixing in a few non-PokerStars tournaments into my sessions, so I'm quite looking forward to seeing what Full Tilt games I might be able to add to my playing schedule when it relaunches next week. Hopefully I can avoid the pain that was October and get back to winning. The wife has turned into Santa Claus at the minute, so I could do with earning some money before Christmas roles around!