October 06, 2012

A bit of a sweat...

I went for a sort of multiple meaning title for this blog post. I've currently got a bit of a sweat trying to get voted for something, I had a bit of a live tournament sweat, and this last week I did my first 5km run :)

Vote for me :)
I'm hoping to get voted to represent players at some PokerStars meetings on the Isle of Man in a couple of weeks time.

The main aim of the meetings is two way communication between PokerStars and the players. We can discuss future plans and development priorities for new client features, game offerings, VIP Club benefits including 2013 changes, promotions, or pretty much anything the players care to discuss. 
I think I'd be a good person to rep SNGs and MTTs, given that I have played a wide variety of these formats on PokerStars, and I have always taken an interest in software improvements, game offerings and such. Some of you may remember me ranting when they bumped the rake up in SNGs last year, but it was meant to be constructive.

Only 3 people on 2+2 will get voted in, and at time of writing I'm currently in 4th place with 51 votes, just a few votes behind 3rd place. I think I've been hurt a little by my completely irrelevant 2+2 username, whereas some of the guys have the same name as their PokerStars screenname. If you have a couple of seconds spare, I'd really appreciate your vote (vote for "theMBK") here. (voting now closed, I bubbled after having 5 votes deducted). A big thanks to anyone who voted. .

If I do get "elected" I'd be happy to share any ideas or suggestions anyone has. Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me or whatever if you notice that I do make it through.

Live sweat
I made my first live tournament final table since December 2009, but then again it did only have 31 runners. It essentially played like an 18-man semi-turbo, so structure wise I was in my element. We chopped 3 ways and I took home ~£4300, the reason I dealt being the added value of a £5000 satellite package to play in the Dusk Till Dawn Carribean Poker Party. So we played it out for that, and despite being a reasonable favourite against the last two guys I managed to finish 3rd in a sort of sigh spot where I got it in against the big fish with 5% equity. That was obviously rather disappointing, so it was sort of a bitter sweet result.

Although that had temporarily improved my attitude towards live poker, I managed to bust both Day 1s of the most recent DTD £500 over the last couple of days, so I'm back to wanting to just grind online and forget about live poker again.

First 5k
In my last blog post I talked about my desire to get fit, and how I was doing the "Couch to 5k" program. I ran my first 5km a couple of weeks early (It's a 9 week plan, but you're running 4.5km by week 7 so I just took it a bit further). That felt like a nice achievement, but I am really getting into running and have already set my sights on running 10km.

Whilst I feel much fitter and better about myself, the idea that it would help me play better poker has kind of backfired. I'm so super motivated to run and get fit, it seems to have stolen away my motivation to grind poker. I'm hoping this is just a temporary problem, and am going to work on finding a nice schedule where I get up perhaps even earlier than usual, grind for ~7 hours, exercise (run or swim, I'm planning to start swimming as well) and then do some study afterwards, because I just haven't been finding enough time to study recently and that isn't good enough as gaining leaks is just inevitable without enough study.

GL at the tables...