July 18, 2012

Half a million hits?!!

Now seems like as good a time as any to post an update, as I've surpassed the rather impressive milestone of having clicked the F5 button 500,000 times on my blog :-D ... For real though, I feel somewhat humbled that my tiny piece of the internet has managed to accumulate some pretty decent traffic, so thank you to anyone that reads regularly/not so regularly, or even those who just like to use it as a link to read other better blogs.

I've been blogging since 2007 and it's nice to have a record of things, as you do tend to forget the details. Occasionally I'll read back my old posts and think "wtf was I doing at that time". Certainly in my early blogging days some of my reported hands are questionable! But I've come a long way since then, and I think it's important to remember the journey :)


Since I binked the Sunday Supersonic I feel like my poker play has lost a little direction, and for the last few weeks I've been trying to determine what games I should play going forward. I've kind of had 2013 in mind, and whether there is a realistic way to attain Supernova Elite whilst still playing the off-peak hours that I play which enable me to have a somewhat normal family life.

Consequently I decided to take a crack at 6-max Hyper-Turbos for a while, but ultimately I decided that they weren't for me, for a number of reasons:
  • I don't like the sheer quantity of all-in showdowns. Obviously this is tantamount to saying you don't enjoy playing football because you don't enjoy the movement of a ball or something, it is an inherent part of the game, but I found myself sweating far too many showdowns which I think is a mental game leak.
  • I don't handle swings all that well. Again, another mental game leak, but certainly the variance in Hyperturbos is bigger than in other formats that I've played. I'm just not used to a $6k downswing being uber-standard.
  • The ratio of regs:fish can suck, and table selecting is somewhat annoying as it distracts you from the games you are playing while you study the lobby.
  • I also don't feel like I enjoy the games as much. I guess as a SNG player it's somewhat rich complaining about a lack of postflop play :-) but just so much of hypers is to do with pre-flop and assigning people ranges. To stay on top of your game this requires a shit-load of studying.

A few former 18-man regs, such as Quadchrazs and $indabank111 have found real success in the games since moving over, and I'm sure have increased their hourly rate. But I fear I was guilty of "grass is greener" syndrome here, and I don't think I have what it takes to tough out the 6-max hyper-turbos. I only played 2,300 games, so I think my results were somewhat inconsequential; I roughly broke even before rakeback.

After deciding against Hyper-Turbos, the decision I'm currently struggling with is "to sync break, or not to sync break?". 18-man SNG traffic seems to have dried up a little recently, at least it has at the times I play. Consequently I have been back-and-forth with myself over whether I should drop them from my sessions (18-mans don't have sync breaks). I have been trialling sessions where I mix 45-mans, 180-mans and MTTs (all of which do have sync breaks). It might mean sacrificing a little off my hourly rate, but that 5 minute break is so appealing. It allows me to eat a little better (am able to go and grab food other than that I have put within reach of my desk!) and really eases the stress of playing a session.

If only PokerStars were to introduce sync breaks in 18-mans, I think all my problems would be solved!

I'm not exactly sure which way I'm going to go on this yet, and I still have an eye on next year. But for SNE to be viable next year, I need to find an extra 1,500 or more VPPs a day from somewhere, which I think will be difficult. Nevertheless 2013 is a long way off yet, and I just need to keep playing and paying the bills!

Holiday in Ibiza
In the middle of all this uncertainty I went on holiday for a week with my wife and kids to Ibiza. Anyone who has been on holiday with a baby and a toddler will know that I use the term "holiday" somewhat loosely! Aside from the place we went to (Portinatx) being a little on the quiet side, with nothing much else to do other than be at the hotel or the beach, we had a really nice time and it was good to get away, and not think about anything poker related for a whole week.

Before we went, I got a few odd looks when I told people I was my family for a weeks holiday in Ibiza.

No, we weren't going to do this:

This was more the scene:

Tbh I think at 27 years old my own pictures are much more appealing (bikini glad girls aside) anyway :)

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