April 19, 2012

Team Online?

Not a whole lot has occurred since my last update. I did play a couple of live donkaments, including the £1 million guaranteed UKIPT event at Dusk Till Dawn. It was great to see the club so insanely busy with tables everywhere, and it was nice to have a shot at winning £200k. Unfortunately I bust 20 minutes before the end of Day 1A, but it was one of those bust-outs where you can be happy because I felt I played really well, including folding KK correctly on a J963 rainbow board. I managed to avoid the call-because-you-can't-really-fold-even-though-you-know-you're-beat call that I've been known to succumb to before. I also had a really fun (although not soft enough for my liking) opening table and got into some fun battles, and enjoyed chatting to 'Pinchop' who was on my right.

I've also sent in my application for PokerStars Team Online, although I'm not holding my breath as I expect they would have approached me before now if I had a real shot at it. Plus I'm sure they've had thousands of applications for only a few spots. On the other hand I think I absolutely slam dunk all the criteria, except for perhaps the number of hours I have played being down this year. This is somewhat down to having a newborn though, and I'd be more than capable of grinding out the hours required of me if I were to make it on-board. Here's hoping I at least stand a chance or get some kind of sweat, even if only a couple of outs with one card to come. If any of you feel like visiting my blog for no real reason to boost myt hit count, every little helps ;-P

Speaking of online pokerz, I've finally got my Sharkscope graph looking somewhat pretty again. I realise it's a bit of a brag, but after a 12,000 game break-even spell, I think that's okay!

I will just be trying to play a decent amount online over the next couple of weeks, and will probably give the £500, £200k Guaranteed tourney at DTD a shot over May Bank Holiday weekend.

I have to post this cute picture of my 2 and half year old son Clark giving his 10 week old baby sister Alaina a kiss. Aside from trying to bosh her with a wooden ornament giraffe when she was a couple of weeks old (probably our fault for having a wooden ornament giraffe in all fairness), he really has taken to being a big brother better than we could have hoped :)

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5 Comments to "Team Online?"

DM said...

ahh the good old 'call-because-you-can't-really-fold-even-though-you-know-you're-beat call'. I make one of these roughly every 3 minutes in PLO LOL!!!

wow that be stretch was some monster! just interested, what overall profit came of that from rb?

Patrick said...

Good luck with Team PokerStars!



Unknown said...

I'm not sure exactly Ragz, probably like $5k, maybe a little more. Something like $30k lifetime rakeback I guess.

Ty Patrick #onetime!

rubbish said...

Best of luck with the team online pro thingy. What do you get for that? I guess all your rake back which would be monstrous for you.
All the best with the little one.

Unknown said...

I don't know tbh, they keep it pretty close to their chest and I know it's a stipulation that the guys chosen can't reveal their deal.