April 30, 2012

Sickest Sunday ever?! (stpauli111 wins 4 tournaments)

Scott Hall, better known as 'stpauli111', played 32 MTTs on PokerStars yesterday. He won four of them:

  • The $215 Sunday Supersonic for $42k
  • The Bigger $162 for $41k
  • A $55 Rebuy for $24k
  • A $200 Rebuy for $23k

Scott Hall
Hall is an American poker player from Arizona, currently residing in Spain. He has over $2.5 million in online winnings to his name, although I don't think I'm going out on too much of a limb by saying this is the first time he (or possibly anyone else for that matter) has binked four huge tournaments in one day!

Must be nice!
Congrats to Mr. Hall.

Edit: I have just discovered (thanks Amatay) that he also won the $100 Rebuy on PokerStars on Saturday for $16k. #runbetter 

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4 Comments to "Sickest Sunday ever?! (stpauli111 wins 4 tournaments)"

Amatay said...

Just OPR'd the fish. Also shipped a 100r the night before for 16 bags

DM said...

Are you not having problems with the new blogger?? I can't even get a paragraph to work. It won't spoace at all once publishing....

Unknown said...

Thanks Amatay.

Ragz - Working fine for me dude. Using Google Chrome...

John said...

Not a bad days work.