April 03, 2012

First Quarter Review...

January 1st - March 31st

Things have finally started to turn around after a fair few months of treading water, and March turned out to be my best month at the tables since May 2011. It  might seem a bit rich to reflect on the last 3 months when I actually barely played in February due to my daughter's birth, but meh, there's a few things I haven't mentioned on the blog yet, and I've made-up a new graphic to depict how my year is going so it makes sense to deploy it now :)

Although I don't play a whole bunch of MTTs generally, usually just a few turbos a day, I've had some nice results that I haven't bragged about mentioned yet on my blog.

1. My 1st Sunday Major victory!
Ok, it's a slightly misleading headline, that might lead you to think I've won "mad dimez", when actually I didn't. I also only sort of won. On Sunday 22nd March I chopped the $215 Pacific Rim Special Heads Up for ~$4,300 vs another SNG reg who got $90 more than me. We flipped any two cards for the TLBs (Tournament LeaderBoard points) and somehow the hands ended up being JJ vs A3 (rigged) and therefore PokerStars accredits me with a 1st place finish. Wiiiiiiiiiii.

Ok so with 103 entrants it's not quite the Sunday Million, but it was still a very welcome bink.

2. My biggest ever field victory
Prior to this bink, I believe I had never bested a field of more than 300 players. Consequently it felt very empowering to finish 1st of 4250 entrants in the Hot $2.20 on March 16th for ~$1,350. It was pretty fun dominating the final table in the knowledge that the money would likely mean a lot to the other finalists. After the tourney I Sharkscoped the rest of the top 5 just for the craic, and one had this particularly sick graph:

That's a lot of grinding right there. But wiiiiiiiiiiiii @ him finally being in the black :)

3. Two TCOOP final tables
Back in January I played a fair few of the TCOOP tournaments. I obviously bricked every Hold 'em event I played, but somehow managed to luck-box my way to a Limit Omaha 8, and a HORSE final table for ~$4k and ~$5.5k respectively. Further bragaments, I recently got sent these sick card protectors in the post :)

SNG Results:

SNGs have started to go nice and steadily for me again. Steadily, that is, except for a little experiment in $100 6-Max Hyper-Turbos I had (fwiw, although I would understand your scepticism on this matter, on this occasion 'experiment' does not mean tilting my nuts off at them after having a bad day elsewhere. I set out to give them a go, and just happened to run deathly at them, it was at this point I started to tilt my nuts off...). Unfortunately this 'experiment' led to me having my worst ever day on PokerStars yet :(

Fortunately I recovered some money in them, but have ultimately decided that they aren't for me. I'm such a variance nit that such a trial was probably ill advised anyway! I've also ran fairly Godly in other games since then, so if anyone would like to go and reassure the me of March 15th that everything will be rosey in a couple of weeks time, you might spare me some anxiety :)

So the graphic (now revamped) that I last posted towards the end of January now looks like this:

Not too shabby!

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Patrick said...

Glad to hear you're doing well. Keep the posts coming!