March 01, 2012

Volume fail, TV & taking a shot

After more than 3 weeks off since my daughter was born, I've started to wean my way back into playing on-line. I'm struggling to find an exact routine that I want to play. I feel like I need to put in more full day sessions, after relying on just morning sessions for too long.

Infact I just had a look at my volume since Black Friday, and it's rather pathetic. I've only played 15,000 SNGs and 2,000 MTTs since that fateful day over 10 months ago. ~1,500 games a month average just isn't sufficient. I'd really prefer to see that I was in the 3,000-4,000 range.

Admittedly in this time I have moved house, gotten married, been on my honeymoon and a trip to Vegas, and had a daughter, so there is some explanation. I can't imagine any more major life events coming up in the near future though, so there is no excuse but to get grinding. I really need to put some volume in at the tables, and make some money, after not doing as well in that period as I would have liked, as well as not playing enough.

Before I get fully back into things I'm planning to take a shot at two big live tournaments happening closeby to me at Dusk Till Dawn (wiiiiiii @ the recent dualling of the A46 making it only 45-50 minutes away now) in the next week.

There is a £500+60, £250k Guaranteed tournament starting tomorrow, with two Day 1's, and 1 re-entry allowed each day. So I get 4 shots (hopefully not necessary obviously) at a big tournament. Then next week there is a sick tournament being run there by Poker 770 with a buy-in of €700+70 in which you get 77,000 chips, and levels lasting 77 minutes. It should be fun to play a tournament with such a sick structure.

It would be nice get a live result, as it is over 2 years since my Hendon Mob page got an addition (no I am not counting 394th in a €60 tournament, how tilting that gets displayed!). This is result of not playing a whole lot of live tournaments, and running deathly when I have bothered, but it would be nice to have some kind of bink so that people don't think I've gone busto :)

On another note I had fun appearing on the Sky Poker TV show for the second time last week. It's quite a slog appearing on a 4 hour live show, but I can pretty much talk about poker ad nauseum so I didn't find it too difficult.

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2 Comments to "Volume fail, TV & taking a shot"

dD said...

congrats on the birth of your second, I'm sure no.3 will be a dawdle :)
dont knock yourself for the volume (yes, I know you're a pro).. I'd be lucky to play 1500 STT's in a year lol
love to play in the sic tourney, but some of us have to work for a living !

DM said...

77k chips 77min levels? That's gonna last a week surely! lol