January 22, 2012

Week 3 review - "Mini-Heater"

January 15th - 21st

I ended up being quite busy this week, and I only managed to put in about 2 and a half days work so my volume was rather pathetic. I switched from playing 6, 9, 18 and 45-mans to playing 18, 45 and 180-mans. I also dropped down in stakes, avoiding the $60 18-mans that I have been doing so terribly in, and playing $15 18-mans in their place. I felt a lot more comfortable, managing the number of tables better, and being a little more sure of my ranges.

It felt kind of ironic that I earned 3 times as much as I did in the first 11 days (~75 hours) as I did in these measly 2.5 days (~20 hours), but that's poker/variance for you. It was a relief to go on somewhat of a heater and definitely a boost to my weathered confidence. I will be trying to put a decent amount of hours in before my second born arrives sometime in the next 3 weeks!

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5 Comments to "Week 3 review - "Mini-Heater""

AAreloadedAA said...

hello, I have read a lot your blog and I think are a model for all the sng players
can u help me a little?
i want to know some shoving ranges at sng 45 turbo

Unknown said...

Appreciate you reading the blog, but I'm afraid you aren't going to get any free strategy out of me :)

Anonymous said...

hi. i see you play 18man+
is it worth something or just luck based? (is that guaranteed money if you play well and run average?)
otherwise i'd play fifty 50!?

i dont quite understand how that works though.
ty for your answer

Anonymous said...

sorry. i meant the battle of planets promo

Unknown said...

Ah I getcha.

It's worth something like 2-3% extra rakeback.

Yes it's luck based but if you play decently well, you'll have patches where you bink the leaderboard.