January 15, 2012

Week 2 review - "Epic Fail"

January 8th - 14th

This week essentially left me break-even after rake-back of hard grind which inevitably led me to quitting my SNE chase as I have already written about. Yes this could just have been variance, and in some ways it might have seemed a melodramatic decision, but I felt like I was going to find the grind required too difficult.

With the games so full of regs, and my game seemingly not at it's best, I felt like game selecting and not having to play 6-mans and 9-man SNGs, (which I am less familiar with) was a good decision.

I ended up taking the second half of the week off to "recharge" after a gruelling 11 days.

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1 Comment to "Week 2 review - "Epic Fail""

Sooo Tilted said...

glgl no wonder y i hvnt seen u in 18s or 9s and i play them for 16hrs a day too haha