November 02, 2012

October Review & New Column

Well October pretty much sucked donkey balls. One of the annoying things about poker is that variance and effort do not necessarily correlate with one another. I was rather lazy in September, but made a bunch of money running like God. Conversely, I grinded my titties off in October, and winded up doing only a little better than breaking-even. Fortunately I'm in more decent spirits than you would imagine for a break-even month, as I've dug my way out of a majority of a pretty soul-destroying $7k downswing.

I realise the flow of content from this blog has been a little dry recently to say the least. But I've undertaken a new column, so I will be writing a bit more often at least. Here is a snippet from (and link to) my first piece:

I think people who don’t know much about poker really underestimate the hard work and the emotional stability that it requires to be a professional poker player. Some of my friends give me the impression that they consider my job to be doss; the equivalent of playing Angry Birds on the iPad for a few hours a day, whilst they toil arduously in their respective 9-to-5 jobs... Read More

I've started mixing in a few non-PokerStars tournaments into my sessions, so I'm quite looking forward to seeing what Full Tilt games I might be able to add to my playing schedule when it relaunches next week. Hopefully I can avoid the pain that was October and get back to winning. The wife has turned into Santa Claus at the minute, so I could do with earning some money before Christmas roles around!

October 06, 2012

A bit of a sweat...

I went for a sort of multiple meaning title for this blog post. I've currently got a bit of a sweat trying to get voted for something, I had a bit of a live tournament sweat, and this last week I did my first 5km run :)

Vote for me :)
I'm hoping to get voted to represent players at some PokerStars meetings on the Isle of Man in a couple of weeks time.

The main aim of the meetings is two way communication between PokerStars and the players. We can discuss future plans and development priorities for new client features, game offerings, VIP Club benefits including 2013 changes, promotions, or pretty much anything the players care to discuss. 
I think I'd be a good person to rep SNGs and MTTs, given that I have played a wide variety of these formats on PokerStars, and I have always taken an interest in software improvements, game offerings and such. Some of you may remember me ranting when they bumped the rake up in SNGs last year, but it was meant to be constructive.

Only 3 people on 2+2 will get voted in, and at time of writing I'm currently in 4th place with 51 votes, just a few votes behind 3rd place. I think I've been hurt a little by my completely irrelevant 2+2 username, whereas some of the guys have the same name as their PokerStars screenname. If you have a couple of seconds spare, I'd really appreciate your vote (vote for "theMBK") here. (voting now closed, I bubbled after having 5 votes deducted). A big thanks to anyone who voted. .

If I do get "elected" I'd be happy to share any ideas or suggestions anyone has. Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me or whatever if you notice that I do make it through.

Live sweat
I made my first live tournament final table since December 2009, but then again it did only have 31 runners. It essentially played like an 18-man semi-turbo, so structure wise I was in my element. We chopped 3 ways and I took home ~£4300, the reason I dealt being the added value of a £5000 satellite package to play in the Dusk Till Dawn Carribean Poker Party. So we played it out for that, and despite being a reasonable favourite against the last two guys I managed to finish 3rd in a sort of sigh spot where I got it in against the big fish with 5% equity. That was obviously rather disappointing, so it was sort of a bitter sweet result.

Although that had temporarily improved my attitude towards live poker, I managed to bust both Day 1s of the most recent DTD £500 over the last couple of days, so I'm back to wanting to just grind online and forget about live poker again.

First 5k
In my last blog post I talked about my desire to get fit, and how I was doing the "Couch to 5k" program. I ran my first 5km a couple of weeks early (It's a 9 week plan, but you're running 4.5km by week 7 so I just took it a bit further). That felt like a nice achievement, but I am really getting into running and have already set my sights on running 10km.

Whilst I feel much fitter and better about myself, the idea that it would help me play better poker has kind of backfired. I'm so super motivated to run and get fit, it seems to have stolen away my motivation to grind poker. I'm hoping this is just a temporary problem, and am going to work on finding a nice schedule where I get up perhaps even earlier than usual, grind for ~7 hours, exercise (run or swim, I'm planning to start swimming as well) and then do some study afterwards, because I just haven't been finding enough time to study recently and that isn't good enough as gaining leaks is just inevitable without enough study.

GL at the tables...

September 13, 2012

Couch to 5k

My apologies for such a large gap in updating my blog. I had temporarily lost motivation in that area. Fortunately my golfer's elbow problem that had benched me from playing poker for 2 or 3 weeks now seems fully healed, and things are back to normal in that respect. My Evoluent 4 mouse is working out nicely, and I purchased a Razer Nostromo Keypad to help take a little pressure off my right hand/arm, which is very useful.

Although blog motivation has been lacking, a few weeks ago I developed the motivation to try and get fit. I think it stemmed from my lack of stamina putting in long poker sessions, and I read somewhere that good fitness can really aid concentration. It's been many years since I belonged to a gym, but the last time I did I remember it having a positive effect on my poker. Coincidence or variance, perhaps, but I think there is merit to the phrase "Healthy body, healthy mind".

Not really having time to trek to the gym all the time, I decided to start running, and stumbled across a running programme as I did a little research. It is called "Couch to 5k" and is a 9 week programme where you gradually build up from being a complete novice/couch potato, to being able to run 5km. You download the podcast on iTunes, run when the (rather lovely sounding) lady tells you to run and walk when she tells you to walk.

I am now on Week 4 of the podcasts, and I am rather proud of myself for sticking with it. I am actually really enjoying it. I have experienced a few "runners highs" along the way, and just generally feel better about myself. It's also nice to be able to race with my son in the back garden without wanting to collapse after 5 minutes :)

Poker is going okay at the moment. I'm still not putting in the volume I would like, but I have found a decent schedule which is basically MTTs mixed with the occasional 45 and 180-mans. It means I get lovely sync breaks, and my table count has gone down a little which makes sessions a little bit easier going. On the flip side, I can expect bigger swings than when my sessions were mostly SNG filled.

It's been a while since I posted my 2012 stats (since April I believe). I'm doing very nicely, but am well aware that my results are propped up by my bink in the Sunday Supersonic in May, which was essentially just a lucky break.

Hopefully I can continue to run good in more ways than one :)

August 06, 2012


I have temporarily had to cease from engaging in warpokerfare at the tables as I have buggered up my right arm. Unfortunately for me it hurts to manoeuvre a mouse for any length of time (and tbh typing isn't exactly a trip to Disney World either, so this might not be the longest of blog posts).

After several days of pain I decided it was time to go to a doctor. Unfortunately I couldn't get an appointment for 4 days so I went to a walk in clinic instead. The nurse practitioner told me that I had Repetitive Strain Injury, which was a concern I had from Googling my symptoms. FML, that's not going to be good long term for the pokerz.

Whilst not being able to play I did a few things to try and sort out my poker setup to be more friendly to my body. I don't think I have been sitting very well (slouching), which really can't be good for my back considering the long periods of time I'm in that position. I recommend everyone spend a little time looking into this and getting their set-ups to be a bit more ergonomically friendly.

I also did some reasearch on some mice. I tried using my Logitech M570 trackball for a while, but I just can't get on with it sufficiently. So I shelled out and replaced my haggered Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 with a Wireless Evoluent 4. I haven't had chance to test it out fully yet, but I do really like it, and it might even give me some extra hotkey options as it has buttons that can be assigned a shift/toggle function.

                              Out      ---------------->      In

I decided to still go to my Doctors appointment. This Doctor actually examined me and diagnosed me with Golfer's Elbow, instead of RSI. Whilst I think this is positive for the long term (hopefully it will go away in the future and not be a continual problem like RSI) for the short term I think it's pretty shitty. I've played almost no poker in the last 2 weeks and I anticipate it not being healed for at least another 2 weeks. I'm in a bit of a tough spot because. I don't want to exacerbate the problem and prolong my agony, but nor do I want to make no money for a whole month. I'm going to have to suck it up soon and just do what I can to put some volume in.

To prevent me from feeling like a complete bum, I decided to go an play some live pokerz in the form of the £430 Genting Poker Series event in Stoke, where I lived for a year whilst studying at Keele University. I had a friendly table, upon which I had a "Moneymaker moment" waiting what seemed like an age for a short-stack to make a decision for all his chips (having led out on the flop and then being raised), to the point of me considering calling the clock on them, before it being pointed out to me that the action was on me, FML (ironically I was listening to a song on my iPad called "Wait for You" whilst I was unknowingly tanking my Ace high hand).

As usual there are pros and cons with live poker, I enjoyed the social side and it was nice to see some friends there, but I busted twice (it was a re-entry tournament) and the first buy-in felt somewhat spewy, and the second one I got sicked in an AKs vs A7os AIPF spot, so it was a pretty disappointing day from that perspective.

I'm really anxious to get back playing online, and it's really frustrating not being able to. This is one of the downsides of being a professional poker player that I first came across when a severe case of conjunctivitis put me out of action for a couple of weeks in 2010. No play, no pay :(

July 18, 2012

Half a million hits?!!

Now seems like as good a time as any to post an update, as I've surpassed the rather impressive milestone of having clicked the F5 button 500,000 times on my blog :-D ... For real though, I feel somewhat humbled that my tiny piece of the internet has managed to accumulate some pretty decent traffic, so thank you to anyone that reads regularly/not so regularly, or even those who just like to use it as a link to read other better blogs.

I've been blogging since 2007 and it's nice to have a record of things, as you do tend to forget the details. Occasionally I'll read back my old posts and think "wtf was I doing at that time". Certainly in my early blogging days some of my reported hands are questionable! But I've come a long way since then, and I think it's important to remember the journey :)


Since I binked the Sunday Supersonic I feel like my poker play has lost a little direction, and for the last few weeks I've been trying to determine what games I should play going forward. I've kind of had 2013 in mind, and whether there is a realistic way to attain Supernova Elite whilst still playing the off-peak hours that I play which enable me to have a somewhat normal family life.

Consequently I decided to take a crack at 6-max Hyper-Turbos for a while, but ultimately I decided that they weren't for me, for a number of reasons:
  • I don't like the sheer quantity of all-in showdowns. Obviously this is tantamount to saying you don't enjoy playing football because you don't enjoy the movement of a ball or something, it is an inherent part of the game, but I found myself sweating far too many showdowns which I think is a mental game leak.
  • I don't handle swings all that well. Again, another mental game leak, but certainly the variance in Hyperturbos is bigger than in other formats that I've played. I'm just not used to a $6k downswing being uber-standard.
  • The ratio of regs:fish can suck, and table selecting is somewhat annoying as it distracts you from the games you are playing while you study the lobby.
  • I also don't feel like I enjoy the games as much. I guess as a SNG player it's somewhat rich complaining about a lack of postflop play :-) but just so much of hypers is to do with pre-flop and assigning people ranges. To stay on top of your game this requires a shit-load of studying.

A few former 18-man regs, such as Quadchrazs and $indabank111 have found real success in the games since moving over, and I'm sure have increased their hourly rate. But I fear I was guilty of "grass is greener" syndrome here, and I don't think I have what it takes to tough out the 6-max hyper-turbos. I only played 2,300 games, so I think my results were somewhat inconsequential; I roughly broke even before rakeback.

After deciding against Hyper-Turbos, the decision I'm currently struggling with is "to sync break, or not to sync break?". 18-man SNG traffic seems to have dried up a little recently, at least it has at the times I play. Consequently I have been back-and-forth with myself over whether I should drop them from my sessions (18-mans don't have sync breaks). I have been trialling sessions where I mix 45-mans, 180-mans and MTTs (all of which do have sync breaks). It might mean sacrificing a little off my hourly rate, but that 5 minute break is so appealing. It allows me to eat a little better (am able to go and grab food other than that I have put within reach of my desk!) and really eases the stress of playing a session.

If only PokerStars were to introduce sync breaks in 18-mans, I think all my problems would be solved!

I'm not exactly sure which way I'm going to go on this yet, and I still have an eye on next year. But for SNE to be viable next year, I need to find an extra 1,500 or more VPPs a day from somewhere, which I think will be difficult. Nevertheless 2013 is a long way off yet, and I just need to keep playing and paying the bills!

Holiday in Ibiza
In the middle of all this uncertainty I went on holiday for a week with my wife and kids to Ibiza. Anyone who has been on holiday with a baby and a toddler will know that I use the term "holiday" somewhat loosely! Aside from the place we went to (Portinatx) being a little on the quiet side, with nothing much else to do other than be at the hotel or the beach, we had a really nice time and it was good to get away, and not think about anything poker related for a whole week.

Before we went, I got a few odd looks when I told people I was my family for a weeks holiday in Ibiza.

No, we weren't going to do this:

This was more the scene:

Tbh I think at 27 years old my own pictures are much more appealing (bikini glad girls aside) anyway :)

Further reading:
If you haven't heard about the ridiculous ruling made in a cash game at the WSOP (which was tantamount to theft), read about it here.

Also, Dave Nicholson has posted up the first of his blog posts about his trip to Vegas, which are always somewhat epic. Check it out here.

June 22, 2012

Winning the Sunday Supersonic...

My apologies for the gap since I last updated my blog, I was just concentrating on playing for a while. Perhaps it had a little something to do with the disappointment in being rejected for PokerStars Team Online, as that motivation is one of the reasons I keep this blog. It also took me a while to get around to making the video that I've posted below, and I wanted that to be the feature of my next (this) blog post.

For those of you who don't know, I was fortunate enough to win the $215 Sunday Supersonic on PokerStars a month ago. It by far exceed's my previous online tournament win ($5,745), and live tournament score ($16,000) as it was $51,303 FTW.

Actually, though, I only ended up taking ~$22k after clearing make-up and shipping the other half to my backer. I had an ongoing deal where I was staked for $40+ MTTs only over the past year or so. In many ways, it was a bit of a leak of mine. It wasn't that I needed to be staked money-wise, it was more of a mind-set thing. It allowed me to grind $109 Turbos alongside my normal SNG schedule, without getting too beat up about the variance in them.

In some ways, it seems silly. I never encountered more than a $6.5k downswing, and I generally just kept sending my backer some money here and there. But then again, I've always liked the steady earnings of playing SNGs, and was aware of my own attribute of not dealing with big swings very well, so I don't regret doing it, although I have decided to grind them on my own dime for now and see if I can handle the added variance (I will be listening to The Mental Game of Poker Audiobook soon, that ought to help!)

So I was of course ecstatic to win a Sunday Major, and it felt like the first time for ages where I had a decent amount of spare cash. I've since invested in a new car (nothing too fancy, it's an '09 Toyota Corolla Verso for jetting the children around in), a new corner settee for the living room, and a new dining table. So pretty ridiculously sensible purchases really, but then again I am married and a father of two now so I suppose it comes with the territory.

It was cool to be able to watch a recording of my final table victory on the PokerStars client for the week after I binked, and I thought it would be good for my blog if I recorded it and did some commentary over the top. So here is my final table performance (with all player's hole cards exposed):


May 18, 2012

SNG Superstars 2012 (Part 3 - MTTSNGs)

Here is Part 3 of my look at how the top 5 SNG players stack up for the first four months of 2012 in a variety of different formats on PokerStars. This part is focused on Multi-Table SNGs. Use the link below if you missed the earlier parts in the series.

Part 1 - HUSNGS
Part 2 - STTs
Part 3 - MTTSNGs

Multi-Table SNGS, or MTTSNGs (yes, one of the "T"'s in the generally used acronym is somewhat superfluous) have risen in popularity over the last few years. I think this can largely be attributed to 9-man SNGs becoming solved/reg-infested/unbeatable, with players looking for a player-pool with a better fish:reg ratio and higher attainable ROI's. They can also be good for recreational players, as 180-mans especially have some of the attributes of MTTs that can see a massive return on a small investment for winning.

45-mans and 180-mans also have hourly sync breaks so can be mixed in by MTT players. I've been praying multiple times a day for sync breaks to be added to 18-mans, but alas, PokerStars have so far decided not to add them for these games so far.

18-man SNGs
Buy-Ins available: $1.50 - $200
1500 Chips, 5 or 10 Minute Levels

1st  - live@pompeii
'live@pompeii' is American Poker Pro Darren Maroni, who relocated to Mexico in order to grind for Supernova Elite this year where he is sharing a house with another sick SNG grinder, 'jdawg91'. He's not too far behind SNE pace, and is having an extremely consistent year at the 18-mans so far.

18-man results 2012
Interestingly he started out on this year's SNE challenge with just a $1500 bankroll! Maroni, who goes by the screenname 'starting gun' on the 2+2 Forums, is regularly keeping track of his SNE progress in this this thread. He certainly has a solid work ethic! You can also find him on twitter @MaroniPoker


45-man SNGs
Buy-Ins available: $1.50 - $60
1500 Chips, 5 or 10 Minute Levels

1st  - JayPez
'JayPez' is fellow Brit Jon Parsons, and similar to 'live@pompeii' is keeping an interesting thread on 2+2 (here) detailing his progress throughout the year. He has been using 45-mans as a platform, in order to take-shots at bigger MTTs and bigger stakes MTTSNGs, and has been very successful with this approach for the year so far (aside from having to rebuild his bankroll last month!), having earned ~$40k for the year so far.

One interesting thing about JayPez is that he chooses to play on multiple different poker sites as a means of table selection and to get in extra volume. I respect this as personally that would tilt me too hard: I like the smoothness of the PokerStars client and the functionality of TableNinja too much :). Across all sites Jay-Pez has cashed for over $1 million in tournaments.


180-man SNGs
Buy-Ins available: $2.50 - $60
1500 Chips,  5 or 15 Minute Levels

1st  - stimme38
Unfortunately 'stimme38' is the only player I wasn't able to find out too much about. He is a German native and the vast majority of games he has played on PokerStars are 180-mans. He is having his best year by far, and based on his ROI, his game has really improved, as he has earned more in the 11,000 games than he had in the 35,000 games he played before this at similar stakes.

'LilBigKahuna', in 2nd place, won this leaderboard in 2011 with just north of $100k profit, and it looks like stimme38, him and several others are vying for 1st place, and a similar profit, in this leaderboard this year.


...Apologies for taking my time to release this part. I'm thinking I might do a fourth part, with some observations from the series, so look out for that if it happens :)...

*Leaderboards based on January 1st - April 30th 2012 results
*Players who block themselves on Sharkscope aren't included

May 07, 2012

SNG Superstars 2012 (Part 2 - STTs)

Welcome to Part 2 of my look at how the top 5 SNG players stack up for the first four months of 2012 in a variety of different formats. This time I'll be looking at Single Table Tournaments. Use the link below if you missed Part 1.

Part 1 - HUSNGS
Part 2 - STTs
Part 3 - MTTSNGs

Whilst the Turbo 9-man STT was probably the 'original' SNG many years ago, it is gradually dying, and has been for a while. It has become somewhat of a solved game, and under the current rake structure, is barely beatable. The vast majority of high-stakes SNGs played these days are 6-max SNGs, although Hyperturbos have become very popular at the lower stakes since their introduction.

Turbo 6-Max SNGs
Buy-Ins available: $1.50 - $100
1500 Chips, 5 Minute Levels

1st  - WushuTM
WushuTM is Austrian Poker Pro Thomas Muhlocker. Muhlocker is actually more of an MTT and 6-Max Hyper Turbo SNG reg, but has managed to run rather well over a small sample in the high-stakes 6-Max Turbo's he has played this year, presumably with some table selection involved. 

Leaderboard stats on top (left graph), Lifetime stats beneath (right graph)
Muhlocker has earned ~$850k in profit across multiple sites, with his single biggest score being $84k for an outright victory in a $150 MTT on Full Tilt at the beginning of last year.


Hyper-Turbo 6-Max SNGs
Buy-Ins available: $1.50 - $7,140
500 Chips, 2 or 3 Minute Levels

1st  - jellycz

No, you haven't read that wrong. I've double checked it. Twice. 'jellycz', who is Poker Pro Petr Jelenik from the Czech Republic (I did double check this too, I didn't just assume it from his screen-name), has played over 50,000 SNGs already this year. It perhaps won't surprise you that Jelenik is a Supernova Elite player, who last year played an enormous 114,000 SNGs in his quest to become SNE in 2011. Apparently he has managed to avoid burn out as he is on course to play even more than that this year.


Jelenik has also had reasonable success in the MTTs he has dabbled in, including a win in the $215 Sunday 2nd Chance tournament at the end of 2009 for $46k. When factoring in rakeback, Jelenik has made a about $300k on PokerStars. You can follow him on Twitter @jellycz.


Turbo 9-Man SNGs
Buy-Ins available: $1.50 - $1,000
1500 Chips, 5 Minute Levels

1st  - tonkaaaa
Although from this chart alone it might not seem like it, 'tonkaaaa' has had an incredible 2012. tonkaaaa is Canadian Poker Pro Parker Talbot, and in mid-February he finished 2nd in the $215 Sunday Warm-Up for $88k. In the ~10 weeks since then he has doubled that in the MTTs and SNGs he has played.

Perhaps what makes this more impressive is that Talbot has only been playing professionally for a little less than a year. $300k for a years work doesn't sound too shabby to me! You can read more about Talbot's story, and success, by clicking here.


Hyper-Turbo 9-Man SNGs
Buy-Ins available: $1.50 - $100
500 Chips, 2 Minute Levels

1st  - L.A.Ruseman
Perhaps a bit less glamorous of a leaderboard compared to some of the others, but it definitely includes some sick grinders, with almost 100,000 SNGs played between the top 5 in just four months, with a majority of those games being played at just the $7 level, as that is where most of the traffic lies in these games. Atop them all is Andrew "L.A. Ruseman" Russell. A former Double or Nothing grinder, it seems he has transitioned well into the 9-Man Hyper-Turbos, and has a very consistent graph to show for his efforts.


Fifty50 SNGs
Buy-Ins available: $1.50 - $200
1500 Chips, 3 Minute Levels

Fifty50 SNGs are the bastard offspring of Double or Nothing SNGs, which were discontinued by PokerStars in February 2011 because of their susceptibility to collusion, as was evident when a Chinese cheating ring was uncovered to have stolen $750,000 from the Double or Nothing games. Fifty50's were a direct response by PokerStars to this, and rather than the top 5 out of 10 players doubling their money, half of the prizepool is distributed in relation to the number of chips a player finishes the SNG with.

ICANTSNG is the sick grinder in this category, playing over 25,000 games so far this year. ICANTSNG is from Australia, and achieved Supernova Elite status for the first time last year, and isn't too far behind pace to repeat that feat this year. SNE is worth $100k-$120k, and ICANTSNG seems to have found a somewhat variance free way of getting there, based on his results over his last 75,000 games.

*Leaderboards based on January 1st - April 30th 2012 results
*Players who block themselves on Sharkscope aren't included

May 02, 2012

SNG Superstars 2012 (Part 1 - HUSNGs)

Approximately at this time last year I did a blog post looking at how the Sharkscope leaderboards shaped up for each category of SNG on PokerStars. I thought I would do something similar this year, taking a look at  the first 4 months of the year so far. I'll be breaking it down into 3 separate posts:

Part 1 - HUSNGs
Part 3 - MTTSNGs

I'll post up a chart of the five biggest winners in each format, and then take a more in-depth look at the biggest winner.

First up then is HUSNGs, and there seems to be an incredible amount of money circulating in them.

The top 5 players alone have made a combined $450,000 in Turbo HUSNGs and an incredible $900,000 in Hyper-Turbo HUSNGs. It is evident that there has been a shift over to the Hyper Turbo format since they were introduced on PokerStars in July 2011, and a majority of the Top 20 players in the "Any Game, Any Stakes" list on Sharkscope are Hyper-Turbo HUSNG players.

Turbo Heads Up SNGs
Buy-Ins available: $1.50 - $5,000
1500 Chips, 3 Minute Levels

1st  - Adonis112

'Adonis112' is 31-year-old Poker Pro Olivier Busquet from New York. He is also well known as 'livb112' which was his Full Tilt username. One might surmise that Busquet is pretty good at poker. For a start he has won just shy of $3 million in SNGs and tournaments since he began playing in 2006, mostly in Heads Up SNGs.

Not only that, he has accrued just over $3 million in live cashes, including a victory in the 2009 WPT Borgata Poker Open for $925,000. Also, just a couple of months ago, he finished 2nd place in EPT Campione 2012 for €430,000. 

He's hasn't done too badly online this year either, as he is the biggest winner in the High Stakes Turbo HUSNGs this year. If you are interested in finding out more about Olivier Busquet, his website is here.

Hyper-Turbo Heads Up SNGs
Buy-Ins available: $1.50 - $1,000
500 Chips, 2 Minute Levels

1st  - Serkules
'Serkules' is a 23-year-old Poker-Pro based in Germany. Since September 2009 he has earned $1.25 million between his PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker accounts, mostly in Hyper Turbo HUSNGs.

2012 has also been rather kind to Serkules. Not only is he up $365k in the first 4 months of the year, he also chopped the $2k High Roller event 4-ways in the inaugural TCOOP in January 2012, worth ~$165k. You can read a little more about Serkules here.

*Bear in mind the leaderboards don't include anyone who has blocked their stats.

April 30, 2012

Sickest Sunday ever?! (stpauli111 wins 4 tournaments)

Scott Hall, better known as 'stpauli111', played 32 MTTs on PokerStars yesterday. He won four of them:

  • The $215 Sunday Supersonic for $42k
  • The Bigger $162 for $41k
  • A $55 Rebuy for $24k
  • A $200 Rebuy for $23k

Scott Hall
Hall is an American poker player from Arizona, currently residing in Spain. He has over $2.5 million in online winnings to his name, although I don't think I'm going out on too much of a limb by saying this is the first time he (or possibly anyone else for that matter) has binked four huge tournaments in one day!

Must be nice!
Congrats to Mr. Hall.

Edit: I have just discovered (thanks Amatay) that he also won the $100 Rebuy on PokerStars on Saturday for $16k. #runbetter