November 08, 2011

24,000 SNGs in one month?!!

I belatedly came across a prop-bet that occurred in October where SNG grinder Martin Phalaz, from the Czech Republic, had a sick task on his hands. Under his PokerStars screename 'phasE89', he had to play a massive 24,000 SNGs in one month and make a net profit (not including rakeback) during that time. The odds were 3 to 1 in his favour (if he was successful he would win 3 times his bets)

To date, I myself have played 23,000 SNGs in the whole of 2011, so playing this amount of SNGs in just one month sounds completely insane to me. When I first heard about the prop-bet I assumed he must have been playing Hyper-Turbo SNGs, but it was actually all done playing Fifty50 SNGs. I was surprised that these games were popular enough to allow this kind of volume, especially at high stakes, but with an average buy-in of $51 over the course of the bet, apparently they are!

He ended up winning the prop bet with just a couple of hours to spare, playing 24,035 SNGs in the month of October, profiting $2,898. Over the course of the month he played around 750,000 hands!

Actually though his winnings were much more sick than that. He had wagered approximately $5k on completing the bet at 3 to 1, so won $15k in bets. Factor in roughly $25k in accrued rakeback, and we're talking over $40,000 in winnings. Not bad for a months work (albeit a ridiculously hard months work)!

However it wasn't all plain sailing, phasE89 got off to a horrific start, and at the halfway point of 12,000 games was $16,000 in the red, and running badly below EV. Fortunately for him, and to the chagrin of those who bet against him, he proceeded to go on a sick heater and pulled it out of the bag. You can follow the highs and lows of the prop-bet in the 2+2 thread. Below are some graphs and stats that phasE89 himself provided:

Games played total: 24.035 games
Number of hands played total: approx 750k hands
Total cashes: $1,277,676
Total profit: $2,898
Rake paid: $54,998
Rakeback (46%, based on 600k Milestone): $25,299
Total profit including rakeback: $28,198
Average duration: 27.2 min
Average Buyin: $53.10
ITM %: 51.2%
Number of hours: 385 hours
Hourly rate: $7.53
Hourly rate including rakeback: $73.24
Total bets made: $4,563 mine vs $13,689 bettors
Total earned (profit+ rakeback + bets): $41,889

VPPs earned: 302,558
FPPs earned: 1,058,953
phasE89 SNGs October 2011
Stakes - Games played / ROI / profit:
$15 - 3056 / 4.17% / $1.864
$30 - 9399 / 3.1 % / $8.754
$60 - 7524 / -0.6 % / $-2.463
$100 - 3158 / 1.5% / $4.669
$200 - 898 / -5.5 % / $-9.925
The Poker Gods were partially responsible for the prop-bet victory, based on that red line!
After earning 300,000 VPPs in one month, and holding 667,000 VPPs for 2011, phasE89's next aim is to make Supernova Elite by the end of the year, which requires him to earn 1 million VPPs for the year (or raking just over $180,000).

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2 Comments to "24,000 SNGs in one month?!!"

dodi said...

Yeah this guy is sick, unbelievable.

Question: are you gonna go for SNE next year?

Anonymous said...

Hi Epitomised!

Can u please give me some advice in playin 180-man turbo tables? I do get to the last 2 tables a lot but im not satisfied until i reach at least top 3. What the secret of winning them? Im talking about both 3 dollar buy in, to 15!
What is the best thing to do when ur at the last 18 players? And have a medium stack like any most of the other players remaining? And what is the best thing to do if youre the chipleader?