July 07, 2011

June Review and pretty busy time ahead!

With my trip to Vegas taking up a chunk of time, and taking a break after Vegas, I barely played in June so my results were so short-term they are barely relevant, but seeing as I have posted each months SNG resuts, I figure I might as well post them up...

Previous month reviews in 2011:

My play has been a bit disjointed recently. I have been playing a few MTTs recently which has probably only served in distracting from my SNG grind. MTTs are weird because when you take brutal beats deep into tournaments after playing awesome for 7 hours, you swear you're not going to bother with them. A couple of days later you've forgotten about the pain and you want to play some more. I made it kinda deep in the Sunday Million, but frustratingly bust 172/5718, losing a flip with AK into QQ. Even though you're still a good 160+ players from making good money, you start to get a little bit excited at that point.

Just as I'm typing this Phil Hellmuth finished 2nd in the $50k Championship, sick that he lost from a 5:1 chip lead and missed 3 flush draws in a row!

Unfortunately my play is likely going to continue to be disjointed as I have an awful lot going on over the next few months. Next week I'm travelling to London after being invited to play a Blackjack tournament. Although I'm not 100% on what I'm doing it was a big enough tournament to travel to seeing as how I'm in on a freeroll. The week after that I will be appearing on Sky Poker's TV Show, which I'm excited about. It's a 4 hour show so I expect it to be quite gruelling, but seeing as how I can't make a final table to get on TV this seemed like a good way to get on TV :). My only previous appearances on television consist of telling a bad beat story in GUKPT season 1 which was broadcast on Channel 4, and celebrating Lincoln City scoring when I was 11 on Goals on Sunday. Not exactly impressive lol. You can watch the show live online, so I will post up a link closer to the time where you can watch me on the show if you so wish.

I will also be moving house fairly soon, which will undoubtedly be a lengthy and arduous process, and not long after that I'll be getting married and going on my honeymoon.

So I'm going to have to do my best to try and fit in playing poker around all these things that are going on!

Here's a couple of things you might like to take a look at that you may not have seen yet.

Also, don't forget the $100 Reload Bonus on Stars atm, it's effectively free money if you can clear 2000 VPPs in 20 days.

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Prosims said...

Always interesting to read your blog. Very informative.

GL at the tables!