June 08, 2011

Vegas baby!

I haven't got much time to write a full blog post as I'm leaving in a couple of hours, but I am going to Vegas to get a taste of the World Series of Poker. I haven't been since 2007, so I am rather excited!

I am actually only going out there for 5 days. I know this might seem kind of silly, but I think it would be unfair on my son and fiancĂ© to go out for much longer at this point. I'll be gone for nearly 7 days with all the travelling, and having not left my 1 year old son (nearly two) for more than a couple of days up until now, I don't think I would be able to last too long out there, especially if I run bad. Maybe in the future I'll be able to take him and his mummy out with me.

Having gone on my own last time I went out there, which was inevitably a mistake, I am looking forward to sharing a room with another PokerStars SNG grinder, Longy11. It will be nice to have some company while I'm out there, and I know plenty of Brits out there who hopefully I'll get to meet up  go drinking with at some point.

I haven't got too much set in stone about what I intend to play, excepting for these two WSOP events (unless I make Day Two in the first one obv):

  • Event #18 - 11/6/2011 12pm - $1500 NLH
  • Event #20 - 12/6/2011 12pm - $1000 NLH

Perhaps they aren't the best tournaments starting chips wise, and they are said to be something of a lottery, but at least I'll have a shot at making some big bucks and winning a bracelet. I'll probably end up playing a Venetian tournament or two as well.

I'm not going to take my laptop with me so I doubt I'll update the blog whilst I'm out there, but I will have my iPhone so I'm sure I'll make the occasional tweet when I have wi-fi access. You can follow me @epitomised.

One time pls!

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7 Comments to "Vegas baby!"

Krissyb24 said...

Best of luck, and have fun...
I think that says many good things about your character to not want to leave your son and fiance for too long! I really appreciate that.

alexandra said...

GL & HF :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck man, take something down :)


Kevin Stevens said...

Good luck out there fella, hope the cards fall right for you.

Anonymous said...

Would like to see more frequent posts on your blog buddy. want to do a link exchange if possible -


Prosims said...

GL in Vegas! And see you at the tables after WSOP.

P.S. I really like the way you play.


Jeremy said...

So how was your trip?