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27 May 2011

Jared Tendler posted up the full audio for our session on motivation that I wrote about in March. If you have trouble with motivation, or if specifically you are going for Supernova Elite (or are thinking of doing so in the future), I'd say it's definitely worth a listen. Also, this is the audio of the whole session, so could be interesting for anyone wanting to know what a session with Jared would be like. You can listen to it/download it here.

I just listened to the session back, and picked up on a couple of off-topic things that were mentioned:

My "in the well thread" is here.

I finally got the La-Z Boy recliner that I talked about in the session (it actually arrived only this last week). Jared expressed a concern that it might not exactly encourage hard work! After a bit of trialling, I'm not using it as my full-time poker playing chair as I was originally intending to, instead I am using it for the final 1/4 or so of each session, and I find that works nicely!

Listening back, Jared is just a fountain of information. Everything he says, in the sessions we've had and in the portion of the book I've read, makes perfect sense, and really gets you thinking about what you ought to be doing in poker/life. I don't want to me a Mental Game fish as he talks of in his book that I'm gradually working my way through, so I think it is definitely worth it picking up as much as possible from him. I do 4 things on his list of 17 which make me a Mental Game fish:

  • Change a winning strategy because they are running bad/hot
  • Get frustrated when a player plays badly, and even educate them as to why they are bad
  • Play badly when the stakes are too small for them to care
  • Say "one time"

I must say one time at least twenty times a day lol :-/ ... So although 4/17 isn't too bad, I'm sure I have plenty to work on.

You can order "The Mental Game of Poker" here, and use the code "2011" to get 10% off.

PokerStars 45-mans
PokerStars have changed the buy-ins of 45-mans to be exactly as I suggested in my last post. They are now available at the $0.50, $1.50, $3.50, $7, $15 and $30 levels.

Poker for Heroes
On another topic, I am going to play the "Poker for Heroes" event at Dusk Till Dawn on Sunday. This is a charity event put together in memorial of Corporal Liam Riley, and is to support the charity Help for Heroes.

It is £125 with no registration fee, with £100 going to the charity and £25 into the prizepool. Along with the premises and staff being donated for the evening by DTD, lots of prizes have been donated to the prizepool, including:
  • £8000 PokerStars EPT Package
  • Irish Winter Festival Package
  • £1070 GUKPT Main Event seat
  • English Poker Open seat
  • Sky Poker Grand Final seat
  • Blackbelt Academy seat
  • 5 copies of The Mental Game of Poker
  • Lots of other prizes...

Some well known players will be in attendance such as EPT Champion Julian Thew, WSOP Bracelet winner Jeff Kimber and Paul Jackson. It has a decent structure (10k chips, 30 min clock) and I think it will be a fun tournament, with a great atmosphere, and all for a good cause.

Check out the event page here if you are interested in attending.

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