May 27, 2011

Session on motivation & Poker for Heroes...

Jared Tendler posted up the full audio for our session on motivation that I wrote about in March. If you have trouble with motivation, or if specifically you are going for Supernova Elite (or are thinking of doing so in the future), I'd say it's definitely worth a listen. Also, this is the audio of the whole session, so could be interesting for anyone wanting to know what a session with Jared would be like. You can listen to it/download it here.

I just listened to the session back, and picked up on a couple of off-topic things that were mentioned:

My "in the well thread" is here.

I finally got the La-Z Boy recliner that I talked about in the session (it actually arrived only this last week). Jared expressed a concern that it might not exactly encourage hard work! After a bit of trialling, I'm not using it as my full-time poker playing chair as I was originally intending to, instead I am using it for the final 1/4 or so of each session, and I find that works nicely!

Listening back, Jared is just a fountain of information. Everything he says, in the sessions we've had and in the portion of the book I've read, makes perfect sense, and really gets you thinking about what you ought to be doing in poker/life. I don't want to me a Mental Game fish as he talks of in his book that I'm gradually working my way through, so I think it is definitely worth it picking up as much as possible from him. I do 4 things on his list of 17 which make me a Mental Game fish:

  • Change a winning strategy because they are running bad/hot
  • Get frustrated when a player plays badly, and even educate them as to why they are bad
  • Play badly when the stakes are too small for them to care
  • Say "one time"

I must say one time at least twenty times a day lol :-/ ... So although 4/17 isn't too bad, I'm sure I have plenty to work on.

You can order "The Mental Game of Poker" here, and use the code "2011" to get 10% off.

PokerStars 45-mans
PokerStars have changed the buy-ins of 45-mans to be exactly as I suggested in my last post. They are now available at the $0.50, $1.50, $3.50, $7, $15 and $30 levels.

Poker for Heroes
On another topic, I am going to play the "Poker for Heroes" event at Dusk Till Dawn on Sunday. This is a charity event put together in memorial of Corporal Liam Riley, and is to support the charity Help for Heroes.

It is £125 with no registration fee, with £100 going to the charity and £25 into the prizepool. Along with the premises and staff being donated for the evening by DTD, lots of prizes have been donated to the prizepool, including:
  • £8000 PokerStars EPT Package
  • Irish Winter Festival Package
  • £1070 GUKPT Main Event seat
  • English Poker Open seat
  • Sky Poker Grand Final seat
  • Blackbelt Academy seat
  • 5 copies of The Mental Game of Poker
  • Lots of other prizes...

Some well known players will be in attendance such as EPT Champion Julian Thew, WSOP Bracelet winner Jeff Kimber and Paul Jackson. It has a decent structure (10k chips, 30 min clock) and I think it will be a fun tournament, with a great atmosphere, and all for a good cause.

Check out the event page here if you are interested in attending.

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8 Comments to "Session on motivation & Poker for Heroes..."

Unknown said...

See you there Sunday (yes, it must be a lunar eclipse cos Barrys playing some poker)

Release said...

I recently found your blog and have been reading it, with interest now, for about 2 weeks... I am glad that you have it, and I am glad that you are sharing the information that you share with the rest of us... I just read this recent post and then listened to the recorded session you had with Jared Tendler... I don't want to say, "I hope you're not paying this man a lot of money", but I kind of do... I am happy if you are finding that he has actually been helpful, but you really don't need to pay someone for this 'information' he is providing... I mean again I am not trying to sound negative, truly I am not... I was just taken aback after, and while listening to the session you guys had, in March was it??? I mean he did say a few things that you may label as 'helpful'... But, there wasn't much to what he was saying that was mind blowing or eye opening... Nothing profound is all I am saying... I also heard way too much agreement in your tone of voice and your answers to his questions... Like "Yeah, yeaaahh, that sounds like a really good idea actually." Well, duh!!! Of course it does, but you don't need him to tell you that... This is still sounding way to judgmental and I really didn't intend for it to come off as such... I really just wanted to say that I appreciate your insight and thought process in your blogs, and I am glad that you are blogging about what is going on in the poker world... I also hope that you reach your goals and use everything around you in your life as motivators to do so, i.e. your girl, your new baby, your appreciation for the life of freedom that playing poker has provided for you... I hope that you blog more often and that you keep it up... There is no one that is going to stop you from doing the things that you need to do to get SuperNova Elite but yourself... I hope that you know that, and I hope that you are confident enough to know that you don't need to pay someone to help you with this mission... I also hope that you are not displeased with the words I have shared here as I didn't want to come off as condescending, though I am afraid that I may have done just that...


Zackery Fall

Release said...


1 hour a week for 52 weeks is only 52 hours... Which is a little over two days, not 7, like he was trying to convince you by 'looking at the math'... Cheers Mate!!!

= )

Anonymous said...

he means 1 grind week

Anonymous said...

i agree mostly with "Release"
maybe james atkin had another impression in this conversation.
it is a difference when someone speaks to you directly while we just hear it.

i think jared tendler does a good job, but you need to book him for a jew hours.
he helped dusty schmidt a lot, they worked a long period together.

and mostly interesting for high stakes players because its really costly.

Unknown said...

Hey Release, I think I heard a quote recently which sums up what I think of your comments, it was along the lines of 'Most genius ideas seem obvious afterwards'.

There is a huge difference between what we know to be the right way of doing things, and what we actually do. Mentally we block out the things we dont want to hear as poker players, what Jared does very well is shine a light on the bullshit we all create in our own minds. After the fact it seems very obvious, but we needed to be told, we needed to be brought face to face with it.

Just about everyone I have spoken to who has worked with Jared has this 'aha, I get it' moment when they work with him, again which thereafter it all seems obvious, but they were never going to arrive there without help.

It may seem obvious to us to listen to the session with James, but it certainly wasnt to him at the time, and I doubt most of us would have been able to break through to him in the way Jared did (and James talks about his grinding schedule a hell of a lot so there has been plenty of opportunity for others to do so).

I'm not knocking you at all btw Release, I think the skepticism is very healthy, I hope you maybe can see where I am coming from too.

effuno said...

Release, have you read any management books. Pretty much none of them teaches you much new, unless you havnt had much life exposure, but these books can be helpful in that it reminds you to focus on things you knew, but might have forgotten. It helps you focus on the most important things. You can't expect new groundbreaking information everytime you take coaching/advise on something, once you are experienced.

btw, great blog James. I myself have been lazy with grinding. 120 hours in Jan, 55 in Feb, 60 in march, 105 in April, 45 hours until May 19th. That is pretty bad for someone whom poker is the profession. But I decided to make a run for the Sharkscope leaderboard for $16-35 and I've suddenly hit top gear ( 1200 games in 56 hours in last 8 days). Guess, it helps to keep such goals. ( I focus on volume, and hopefully profits will follow). :)

Unknown said...

Hey Release, I think effuno and Barry have summed up my thoughts on this quite well.

None of the poker player's Jared has helped are mugs by any means. Although it might not sound like Earth-Shattering advice from an outside perspective, I find that in sessions and reading his book that everything he says is explained so well, to the extent the stuff he tells you seems kind of obvious, but only once you've heard it initially.

I appreciate you taking a keen interest in my blog and well being though :)