April 22, 2011

GG Supernova Elite

The events of Black Friday have had a varying impact on the poker world. Obviously US Players have been the worst hit, as they currently can't play on any of the big sites. For the professionals, it must be so sick to just have your livelihood stolen away from you out of no-where, all in the space of a few hours. If this were to have happened to me in the UK, I'd probably look to move abroad. However, for me, that would mean uprooting myself, my fiancé and our 18-month old son from the place we intended to raise him. It would mean moving away from all our family and friends, somehow moving house taking into consideration all our possessions, and somehow obtaining a visa for a professional poker player who's only real job was working 6 hours as a shop assistant when I was 17, and a housewife. So it would certainly be easier said than done, and my sympathy goes out to all those US grinders stuck in this situation (except the ones that play in my games :) obv).

Fortunately, players outside the US haven't been too badly affected, and it seems it's pretty much business as usual. However, I'm probably one of the players that is more affected than average as I have had to quit my pursuit of Supernova Elite status on PokerStars. The traffic is down in the higher buy-in 18-mans that I play to the extent that it's not viable. Perhaps if I changed the times I play and/or played more tables, played even longer sessions, and perhaps added some different games it might be just about possible. However, even that's a maybe, and I don't really want to change my playing schedule which I feel fits in nicely with my family life.

So it sucks that I can't go for SNE, but at least I am able to keep playing. It's probable I won't win as much money as I would going for SNE as I am facing a drop in stakes, and it will be hard to keep the SNE-type volume up without that carrot at the end of the stick/pot of gold at the end of the rainbow/similarly cheesy analogy. However, I'm hoping I will be able to win enough to tide us over and perhaps save a little on top of that.

Unfortunately I'm facing a bit of a motivational breakdown at the moment.  I have only put in one or two sessions since Black Friday. Whilst I think it has been pretty reasonable to take advantage of having a break I wouldn't have otherwise been able to have, I need to get back grinding soon and get back into a routine, as this seems to be when I play most efficiently. I feel like I need some kind of target to work towards now my original one has ceased. I'm thinking I might go to Vegas for a week in the World Series, and use some of the money I earn between now and then as a bankroll for when I'm there. I'm a little bit worried about leaving my son though. I know it's only a week, but it would be the longest I've been away from him so far.

I thought I should mention that the cashout I made from PokerStars shortly after Black Friday went through a couple of days ago fine and dandy. Like many others, this was my initial concern, but I tried to be sensible and only withdrew a portion of my bankroll (I was keeping too much online anyway, just for the sake of it hurting less if I went on a bad downswing).

Cliff notes:

  • Not enough volume possible for SNE in my games, sigh
  • Nm, things should be okay
  • Might work towards a goal of going to Vegas for a week as I suck at grinding recently.

Useful Links:

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  • There's a new $200 Reload bonus on PokerStars available now
  • This week's 2+2 Pokercast discussing Black Friday is a good (but long) listen.

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14 Comments to "GG Supernova Elite"

dodi said...

So you played only 2-3 sessions after black Friday and I managed to meet you at the 16s. Awesome,lol.

Good Luck...btw I think you can make more money this way. Games are easier a little bit and you can focus on your tables more now.

ROSSI said...

Family life first,poker 2nd.

Though shame about yr SNE pursuit. Wish i could cash £6k out of Pokerstars lol.

Ivydrive said...

James, Shame to hear you aren't shooting for SNE anymore. I can hardly criticize as i could never motivate myself to put that kind of volume in!

I know you've not had much volume but i'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the standard of the games now compared to before Black Friday? My initial results suggest they're softer however the volume is very minimal so hardly a fair gauge.

GL for the rest of the year!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Stars might consider paring SNE requirements back a bit in exchange reduced rewards - i.e. a 750k or 800k VPP target but remove one package or reduce the FPP multiplier or something similar. (these ideas are just plucked out of the air as examples and i realise that the rewards would need to be balanced to reward the player and give Stars their pound of flesh.).

It does not make any sense to either Stars or players to have a points system that fails to motivate players that would otherwise want to, to achieve the highest level because it is almost unattainable.

rubbish said...

Sick beat James, best of luck with the Vegas grind.
Why am I not one of you're favourite blogger lists? Gutted!

Vaio-Fer said...

Aren't you considering stt??

mixing some will still produce the FPP needed.

Anyway nice reading of your blog, wish you all the best


Anonymous said...

do you think that these poker sites are somewhat responsible for not warning U.S players that they may be shut down one day, knowing what they were doing was illegal?

i think players should be mad at the govt but also at the poker sites for wanting to make a quick buck with no regard of the actual players' livelihood.(those who have been in S.N.E pursuit for several years, not everyone has a degree for a backup plan)

any thoughts?

Mat said...

Livelihoods stolen out of nowhere [ ]

It had been a long time coming, anybody who thought these sites actions wouldn't be held accountably for is pretty foolish imo(but saying this I know the average joe wouldn't be thinking about it all so analytically)

Unknown said...

dodi - you might be in luck. I'm considering switching to 45s/180s

rossi - yeah man, agree. Although poker does provide for the family so it's kind of a toughie.

Ivydrive - still haven't played enough to compare!

Anon - Yeah I think it's possible they will alter things but it won't be for a while so there's no way to plan for it this year

rubbish - yeah, sigh. It's because you haven't sent me a backhander ;)

vaio - STTs don't run much in the times I want to play. I tried mixing them in pre-BF, but I'm not a huge fan.

Anon - It's all pretty dodgy. You can't really expect them to alert ppl that they are doing dodgy stuff though. "Just so you know, we might get shut down in the future if the fedz find out about this stuff we're doing...but your money is safe, honest, so keep playing..."

Mat - Lol, yeah, the average player sure is expected to know what the websites were doing.

[X] Your comment is complete BS imo.

Also it's spelt accountable.

moon&back said...

James i think BF could be a great opportunity for you, as i would imagine most SNE's were American's so there will many fewer SNE's this year if you could find a way to grind enough points it could lead to potential team pro status etc. i would imagine the STT's are a little softer without spacegravy etc in them!, wish you all the best.

Bigbluffzinc said...

Hey boss, wanted to know if you checked your email recently lol... good luck w whatever you decide :)

Unknown said...

Yeah man it's a good point, would love to be able to do it for that reason, but even grinding 9-mans it would mean playing evenings and I just prefer daytimes

Choosing life EV > Poker EV

Hopefully I'll still be considered for Team Online :-/

Unknown said...

yup yup, sorry I suck at emails sometimes!

João Marcello said...

Hello James, I am Brazilian and I took a look at your blog.
congratulations for him and for their results.
I would like knows if you give a coach or Sell HH.