April 16, 2011

Black Friday

I'm still trying to come to terms with the bombshell that occurred on 15.4.2011, putting online poker in the most jeopardy it's ever been in, all in one fell swoop.

Here's some links if you need to catch up on the events of Black Friday:

I'm sure I'll have something more meaningful to write on the topic, but I'm still pretty shell shocked. This was just so unexpected, and who would've thought something could bring the sky down on online poker so quickly?

Should you not have seen it yet, here's a little something that might just cheer you up in this time of doom.

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5 Comments to "Black Friday"

Brian said...

I'm embarrassed by my government in this whole thing.

Agasajo said...

how much do you think your ROI will go up at the 18 mans?

rubbish said...

What does this mean for you James?

Mark said...

Do you know Sherfy? He lives in San Diego and we are in the same boat right now. I would like to talk to him but I can't figure out who he is.


Unknown said...

Brian - yeah, the damn jokers!

rubbish - should be answered in new blog post

ag - I have no idea atm, will have to see

Mark - I'm afraid I've never had any contact with Sherfy