March 16, 2011


I was having a bit of fun on Twitter the other day (clearly I don't get out much at the moment!) after Team PokerStars: Online Pro Shane 'Shaniac' Schleger came up with a 'hashtag' whereby you had to infuse poker related things into hip-hop artists and songs. Seeing as hip-hop and poker are two of my favourite things, I had to have a whirl.

Here's my top twelve of what myself and everyone else who got involved came up with. Obviously I'm heavily biased towards my own ideas :)

  1. De La Soul Read  (by @epitomised)
  2. Vanilla ICM (by @Barry_Carter)
  3. Nitty by Nature (by @ShortyDawg)
  4. Big Slick Rick (by @ReyzorxXx)
  5. Lisa "In Your Eye" Lopes (by @epitomised)
  6. Lloyd Time-Banks (by @epitomised)
  7. Busto Rhymes (by @Daleroxxu)
  8. Def Jam the pot (by @DianaPricePhoto)
  9. Scarface-cards (by @ShaneSchleger)
  10. Rakewon (by @Daleroxxu)
  11. "Jesus Walks"  (by @FabolousHK)
  12. Three Bet Mafia (by @epitomised)

If you have any good ones, tweet them with the hashtag #HipHopPoker, or if you don't have twitter leave a comment and I'll tweet any decent ones :)

"Vanilla ICM"

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12 Comments to "#HipHopPoker"

NoCash said...


gotta have .25c/.50c

Richard said...

The Notorious B.I.G BLIND
Pharrell Wheel-iams
Coolio deck
Cyprees shill

Not really hip hop but LIMP bizkit

Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting guys.

Yeah 25c/50c, Limp Bizkit and Notorious BIG Blind have been done

Cypress Shill is excellent!

Unknown said...

I came up with Busto Rhymes surely before Dale?

Unknown said...

Hey nice work on the VPPs btw, surely almost on course? ie. if you are going to increase the volume in the middle ala jareds advice

Unknown said...

I'm 20k behind dude if actually read my stats :), had a rough few days and was finishing sessions early as I was getting brutalized and steaming.

Dale defo had Busto Rhymes first I'm afraid...

Fenman77 said...

Sir Bricks-a-lot


Unknown said...


Alexander Carr said...

I'm not easily impressed with things and I found your top 10 list extremely witty.

Anonymous said...



cocobizzo said...

thought of a couple

C.L Smooth Call

Bink 182

Kooler G Rap

Hussein FadeAll (hussein fatal)

Taylor Wiff

cocobizzo said...

damn man thought of some more,

Bluff Daddy,

Ol dirty River,

Waka Floppa Flush,

Mista Cee Bet,

Razz Kass

hope you enjoyed 'em