March 25, 2011

Colour coding in SNGs

I was having trouble with picking a topic to write about for a blog entry, but I have been fiddling around with my colour coding scheme on PokerStars recently and thought I would share it with you.

You get 8 colours to choose from, (I do try and add notes where I can as well) and they put a big ring around each villain, which is very handy for quickly identifying what kind of player you are up against when you are in a hand.

  1. Very good reg
    • This is reserved for the regs that have the trifecta of high ROI, profit and total games played figures. It's a safe bet that at any given time, in any given situation, they will be playing well.
    • Approx ROI: 8%+, Total Profit: $25k+, No. of games: 10k+
    • Most likely to: 3bet you when you expect them to fold.
  2. Decent reg 
    • This is for solid winners in the games over a decent sample. I expect them to be making solid decisions most of the time. Some might be very good regs that haven't quite proven themselves profit or volume wise just yet.
    • Approx ROI: 6%+, Total Profit: $10k+, No. of games: 5k+
    • Most likely to: Snap call you in the big blind with Q5 after you've shoved the small blind with 56s.
  3. Sub reg 
    • These are the guys that are beating the games, but not for a great amount. Although somewhat solid players, they are bound to have leaks here and there, and are liable to play too tight in certain spots, and often call too liberally in others. 
    • Approx ROI: 2%-5%, Total Profit: $8k+, No. of games: 4k+
    • Most likely to: Spite call you with A9 on the bubble in a bad ICM spot
  4. Break-even reg
    • For want of a better term. these are the 'rakeback whores' (perhaps FPP Pro is slightly less abusive!) that are usually putting in a lot of volume, but can't beat the games. To the naked eye, they might seem like they play okay, but are likely to have various leaks. Often, post-flop play isn't their favourite thing.
    • Approx ROI: 0%-1%, Total Profit: $0k+, No. of games: 4k+
    • Most likely to: Open shove preflop for 30 big blinds with AQ
  5. Losing reg
    • There aren't a whole lot of them around, but these are the players that are losing players, and are often barely breaking even after rakeback. I honestly don't know what compels them to grind, because even when you fall into categories 1 or 2, grinding isn't a huge amount of fun. Why don't you go play World of Warcraft or something!
    • Approx ROI: -1% to -5%, Total Profit: -$x, No. of games: 3k+
    • Most likely to: Cold call your open raise from an 8 big blind stack. 
    • Also most likely to: Have their Sharkscope stats blocked!
  6. Particularly bad fish
    • I work on the assumption that anyone I don't have colour coded is a fish, however I do reserve the green for those players that are beyond terrible and have proven this over a decent number of games.
    • Approx ROI: -15% or worse, Total Profit: -$4k or less, No. of games: 1k+
    • Most likely to: Limp/call K8 pre-flop and 4-bet shove the flop when it comes down 389.
  7. Might be good
    • These are usually the players I have accumulated a lot of hands on, and are in some kind of profit, but only a small amount, and are yet to put in enough volume for me to establish what kind of reg they are. In truth, they could fall into any one of categories 1-5, but they are very unlikely to be fish and are probably playing somewhat decent.
    • Approx ROI: 4%+, Total Profit: $3k+. No. of games: 1k+
    • Most likely to: confuse you because you don't know quite how good they are!
  8. Doesn't understand ICM
    • Unfortunately you can't mark regs with two colours, as there are a few I know who would get this one as well! I just tend to whack this on people who I know I have to be careful with on the bubble, as they simply do not understand the concept of ICM. You might shove on them in a spot where they need a top 5% hand and they snap call you with K9. They just presume that being ahead of your range is sufficient. Or sometimes just having a pretty hand they want to play suffices!
    • Approx ROI: Any, Total Profit: Any, No. of games: Any
    • Most likely to: Call off their chips with 68s on the bubble

Game Selection ftw!

NB: This seems quite good as a stand-alone post. I will post an update on my SNE stats and mention the suggestions for #hiphoppoker I had in my next blog post.

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13 Comments to "Colour coding in SNGs"

Krissyb24 said...

LOL- looks like a soft table!

Great post. Regrettably, I haven't spent any time with notes/color coordinating, but it is something I want and need to do! Some great ideas...

rubbish said...

What colour would you assign to yourself James?

Andre said...

sick games you play!

NoCash said...

How many people have that fkin skull with a hat on smoking a cigar avatar?? Get right on my tits. Green ring them straight away.

Unknown said...

Thanks Krissy :)

I saw you in some of my games a few weeks back Andre! You returned to Super Turbos?

rubbish - I would probably have been an orange before this year, but during the SNE grind I've perhaps gradually become a red

It's possible other regs will mark me anyone of the top 3. Some of the one's that berate me don't rate me too highly lol

Unknown said...

lol can't say I've seen that avatar before :)

push0rdie said...

What system do i fall under? I have pretty much the same system, except yours a little bit better.

I dont use total roi & totalprofit. When i sharkscope i only sharkscope for the last 6 months. There is a ton of BE nowdays days that dont deserve to be marked brown/red just because they crushed in 2007.

Good post indeed.

Unknown said...

Lol, you're orange obv.

Yeah I filter for last 12 months to double check people that I need to as well.

Otherwise I might think Brutalizer20 is good lol.

Unknown said...

Brutalizer isn't good!?

Anonymous said...

great help on colour coding, if you're stuck for your next post just hit printscreen next time you're grinding so i can see your layout and let us all know your hud stats you use.

alexandra said...

wow, awesome post:)

fifithecat said...

would love to see your table layout on screen and hud settings as suggested above, and hated seeing how much effort I need to make on marking reg's to be profitable. hard work here I come...

Unknown said...

Ok I can probs post up a screenshot sometime soon...