February 09, 2011

Supernova 2012 & No more DoNs!

Today I surpassed the 100,000 VPP mark, and in doing so I locked up Supernova status until the end of February 2012. So even if this all goes tits up, at least I've got Supernova secure for the next year. It's kinda cool to have achieved something it took me until late December to achieve last year, and this is already the most VPPs I've earned in a calendar year.

Server restarts are starting to tilt me somewhat. There has been two in the last week, and they are conveniently placed smack bang in the middle of the time I like to play. On top of that the software screwed up for a bit yesterday afternoon, and tilted me into cutting my session short. So as if the obstacle of self-motivation isn't  enough, I'm having to contend with having my playing hours cut short! Unfortunately I don't think PokerStars are going to move their server resets to peak hours in the States just to serve me, so it's something I'm going to have to learn to put up with all year.

It's not looking great at the minute, with me falling 9,000 VPPs behind pace. Although this isn't too drastic, I'm breaking the golden rule of staying ahead of pace. I'm intending to play the UKIPT event at Dusk 'till Dawn this weekend, which is hardly going to help matters. I'm going to set myself some kind of challenge to at least be back on pace by the end of February.

I feel like I'm struggling a bit in the games at the moment. Although I think generally I'm playing well, I've had a fair few days where I'm just getting nowhere. I'm kinda hoping it's just variance rather than I've started doing stuff wrong, because I've put quite a decent amount of time into studying my game recently. Hopefully that isn't doing more harm than good!

There's been a fair few changes on PokerStars recently.

They announced today that "Double or Nothings" are going to be replaced by "Fifty50" SNGs from the 15th February. The difficulties in policing collusion in DoNs make this a sound decision imo. It shows PokerStars are taking action after the Chinese Ring scandal last year that Daleroxxu wrote a great report on here.

The announcement (available here) also states that SNG rake is under review. I have heard rumours about SNG rake being reduced for quite a while, but it is yet to come to fruition. I am obviously all for it. I think it's a necessary move, as a lot of the higher-stakes SNGs just don't get running these days because it's barely possible to beat the rake. It's possible that PokerStars loss of margin through the  reductions they will make back in increased volume. It's important for the liquidity of the games that they are beatable. Although it might make it that little bit tougher for me to get to Supernova Elite, I'm all for it if it increases my winrate :)

Other changes include CAP cash game tables have been introduced, which is a measure which has been taken to try and solve the 'shortstacking' dispute. Read that announcement here.

It has also come to light that Greg Raymer is no longer a member of Team PokerStars. I was quite surprised by this, as I think Greg has real value as an ambassador of poker, and was surprised Stars would drop him. However apparently he chose to leave after they reduced his sponsorship deal. Please let Joe Hachem be the next WSOP Main Event champion to leave Stars. It tilts the crap out of me how he complains about coolers/standard spots/dealers. You won millions of dollars winning the Main Event you lucky bastard! If you never have any luck in poker ever again, you will still have had more luck than 99.9% of people who play poker ever will!!!!

Whilst I'm blabbing on about poker news, it also was confirmed today that the WSOPE will be moving to France this year. The Empire Casino in London did seem like a crap location, as everything looked so confined, but it's a bit of a shame it's moved away from the UK. Read more on that here.

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3 Comments to "Supernova 2012 & No more DoNs!"

Unknown said...

Do you have till Jan 31st 2012 to get SuperNova? Im sure I heard that somewhere.

+1 on Hachem, but he will never get binned because he has the Ozzie audience sewn up.

Is it hard work going for SNE, ie. any harder than the usual grind?

Jonny said...

Man you are crushing up 20k on the year already! Keep it up

Unknown said...

It's not too much harder than the usual grind Barry, the difficulty with it is the fact it's every day, day after day. It gets rather monotonous!