February 22, 2011

Guessing game...

In my last post I talked about how I was going to not look at my results, and I have definitely seen some benefits from this over the last week or so. I am getting much less stressed about how the games are going during play. If I'm going through a spell where I'm running like death, I'm not attaching a dollar amount to the loss, so I feel like I'm 'taking it on the chin' much better and just grinding through the pain.

I'm also less concerned about losing my winnings. I think this problem is attached to the gambling psychology where if you win $100 but then lose $50, you feel so much worse than you do if you win $50, even though you are in the same situation financially. So those sessions that start really well, but go downhill from there, aren't bothering me so much.

It's hard not to play the 'guessing game' about how things are going during or after a session, but without looking at your results it's actually more difficult than I thought it would be, perhaps because I am playing so many tables.

After four days of not looking at any results, I went back and looked at how things had gone, and was very surprised that my guess of how each day had gone was a fair way off. I was completely oblivious to the most swingy day I believe I've had playing 18-man SNGs, in which I won a massive 75 buy-ins in just 80 SNGs, immediately followed by a massive 55 buy-in downswing in the 80 SNGs immediately following this. This day would have been an emotional rollercoaster for me if I was aware of how it went, but all I could tell was that I was running good in the morning and badly in the afternoon.

epitomised, February 18th SNGs
Something I have talked about before is that one of the benefits of 'stacking' your tables as opposed to 'tiling' them is that you don't actually see your all-in showdowns. A consequence of this is that you lose emotional attachment you have to those hands. If you don't see your Aces cracked on the river by a two-outer in a huge pot, then it doesn't hurt as much. Being vaguely aware that a SNG you were doing well in has closed for some reason is about as close to a reaction as you are going to get.

I think not looking at your results until a few days after you played has a related benefit. It is hard to care too much that four days ago you won or lost however much, because you have played so much more poker since then.

I'm not sure not looking at my results has had a direct affect on my play, as I'd like to think that I play as well as I can at any given time despite my knowledge of how well the last hour/day/week has gone. I did fair much better at the tables over the four-days I have looked at where I wasn't checking my results than I had for the rest of February, but it's hard to draw any conclusion from this small sample. However, getting rid of the distraction of clicking the 'refresh' button in Hold 'em Manager throughout the day can only be a good thing, and the reduction of stress is of great value.

I've also managed to get rid of one of my obsessions, which was always checking HEM for how my EV adjusted winnings compared to how many chips I had actually won. This figure doesn't bare much significance for 18-man SNGs, and will get largely skewed by how you ran when Heads Up with that being the time the biggest pots are played. That didn't stop me looking at it more often than I would look through a portal to the future, should I own one. I've also stopped looking at this pretty much completely, which is another distraction out of the way.

The only thing I'm not sure of is how often I should look at my results. The only problem is you do get increasingly curious the more days you go without looking. Currently my plan is to look at them on a four-day delay, so I will only ever know how I was doing 4 days in the past. It seems I'm always watching 3-week old wrestling, and I'm still only on Season 7 of Smallville, even after naming my son Clark, so I should be used to being a bit behind!

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4 Comments to "Guessing game..."

RunningAlone said...

I have also played without looking at the results the last few days and it feels good. Regret that I did not do it last year. Just keep on grinding and you will make it. I suggest you extend your no peek time to a week

By the way, if you feel for it you can add me to your bloglist

Limels said...

HEy! I started doing that also because of the swings and it feels really good not to worry at results but the we get very curious about results but in the end its a win situation. I wanted to that monthly but it would be very hard lol.


jcar9271 said...

Hey James, I think 4 days is the most realistic timeframe for not checking results, Im going to adpot the same thing. After about a week the curiosity just builds too much imo.

GL with the SNE grind, looks like a sick effort so far.


clownklauen said...


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