February 15, 2011

Getting destroyed right now...

Well February so far has pretty much sucked. My 5th losing day out of the last 6 days has put paid to any profit I made in SNGs at the beginning of them month.

Prolonged downswings like this are frustrating for obvious reasons, such as losing money, but more frustrating is not being sure what I'm doing wrong. Or even if I'm actually doing anything wrong. I could just be running bad, or I could have picked up a bunch of leaks and am playing bad. I have a feeling it's a mix of both. Being break-even over the course of 2000 games makes it pretty likely I'm doing stuff wrong.

So I'm obviously doing my best to fix this, and am doing some studying, but I feel like I'm just confusing myself and finding too many different ways to look at hands.

The problem with poker is the more you play, the more your habits gradually change. So whilst you might think I could just go back to how I was playing when I was crushing the games, last year or even as little as four weeks ago, I don't really remember exactly how I was playing. And it's possible that I've correctly fixed some things I was doing badly back then.

I've been over some old hand histories and I do some stuff that I now think is bad, and don't feel like I should re-adopt them. Sadly there aren't exactly always 'correct' answers in poker. Ok I definitely shouldn't limp in with 72 under-the-gun, but "should I be raising/shoving/folding" in this spot situations are much less finite. There's not much you can do other than discuss hands with other players and plug hands in on SNG Wiz, but even SNG Wiz doesn't know everything.

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And here's the fun thing about going for Supernova Elite. I can't really have a break from the tables to regain focus. Today, I had a lie in, spent some of the morning studying and put in a half day in the afternoon playing less tables than usual...and I had my worst session of the year so far. I can't really afford to give up more time than I already have. So I guess I have to just keep grinding, and work hard at playing well, and marking any spots where I'm not sure WTF I should do and work on them in-between sessions.

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7 Comments to "Getting destroyed right now..."

Ron Covert said...


I am having some of the same issues as well. Let me know if you want to chat about strategy! I coach 18 man for team moshman as well. i would love to have someone that plays my games to discuss things with!

king covert

Unknown said...

hey, Im going for sne also. Im in your games too :D and also from the uk, based in coventry. downswings happen to us all, just keep plugging away and let the rb be a comfort. im alexicek on stars. contact me on yahoo alexicek if you ever wanna talk strats. just to make you feel bit better you doing bit better than me! my computer got fried in january so im quite far behind pace... got a lot of catching up to do although i broke the 100k yesterday. gl at the tables...and stop running like a god against me!

barker120 said...

Hey my name is Alex and I want to start playing some online poker, and eventually make a career out of it. I have a few questions. First how much did you start with on the first site you played on? Also I was wondering what is the most you have ever made in one day. It might be rude of me to ask so you dont have to answer. Thanks for everything, you blog is very inspiring.

Jonny said...

Those tough runs suck! I've been breaking even for about 2k games as well. This last week hasn't been going too well.

Unknown said...

Pick yourself up mate, from what I’ve seen and read from you I think you are an absolute phenomenal player.

Always believe skill prevails over luck. These times suck and can break people but trust you are better than that.

Continue with your goals and keep your focus and confidence.

Best of luck,

Anonymous said...

Hey great blog, why dont you include your results on the table?

Unknown said...

Hey Ron/alexicek, you're welcome to add me to Skype: atkinjames

Alex - You should read this lol http://www.daleroxxu.co.uk/2009/11/10-questions-not-to-ask-me-about-poker.html ... Not going to answer your 2nd question sorry. 1st question is kinda difficult. I built up my roll from somewhere in the $100-500 region, however I didn't pull it off first time so will have lost a few small rolls in the early days.

Thanks Custo. Perhaps a phenomenal grinder but not so sure I'm a phenomenal player lol.

Anon - I didn't want to write too much about my results as I try to set volume goals not profit goals, and also didn't want to sick brag too often if things were going well. Will post up monthly results though.