January 05, 2011

Ridonkulous start

I feel like I couldn't have had a much worse start to my Supernova Elite Quest. Currently I am break even after rakeback, so have effectively worked my arse off for nothing so far. Obviously it could be worse, I could be losing even more. But it still sucks rather a lot!

It feels like I am being punished for working hard for once, as opposed to my usual semi-laziness!

It's possible that a ~3 week break away from the tables has had a negative impact on my game. But I have been trying to fit in as much study as possible inbetween playing. It's possible that I started out with some leaks but I feel like I've fixed them, and now my only reassurance is the 'reports' tab on HEM that shows me I am running ridiculously below EV. It's difficult to interpret how much this means in 18-man SNGs, but when the 'Winnings' column is -$6578436450896 (slight exaggeration) and the '$ EV adjusted'  is +$BillGatesMoney then I think it's fair to assume you're at least running a little bad.

I've cut down on my number of tables to see if that helps, but looking at my 18-mans-last-6-months graph (below) one would be forgiven for thinking I've been doomswitched or have simply forgotten how to play!

On the positive side, at least I'm managing to stay around SNE Pace, and am coping with the heavy schedule I am keeping fairly well, I think it's just about sustainable without going too insane. 

I also binked a $109 Turbo MTT for ~$4.5k. It ranks as my biggest ever win on PokerStars. If it wasn't for this downswing I'd be very pleased about it, but I'm being staked for these games so I won't see any of the money until the end of the month, which seems a long way away. Happy to make a very good start to the staking though :)

Thanks for all the comments and good luck wishes, hopefully that good luck will come into effect soon!

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6 Comments to "Ridonkulous start"

effuno said...

ouch. I had something similar after my own 2 month break (July/Aug). My backer helped me with some HH reviews and found many 'leaks'. Basically things I knew I should be doing, but wasn't. Mostly, not shoving light enough.
Being how good you are, things will turn around sooner rather than later, but still could be worth getting someone to have a look at your game. Would accelerate the process of turning things around.

Best wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Join the club in the run bad stakes mate, 5k hands and six buy-ins (cash games) under ev!

You know it'll turn around plus think of the awesomeness (is that a word?) when you make it to SNE with record profits! Chin up dude!

Lanfear23 said...

Don't worry about it. Even if you end 2011 breakeven the SNE status will still give you the best year ever! Bad variance has a tendency to come by when you're trying something new like going up in stakes or doing a prop bet. Hang in there!

Unknown said...

effuno: Thanks man. Yeah I have been studying as much as possible and I've been going through hands with someone who has been crushing recently

Pud: Thanks for pep talk :) Yeah it's still early days and if I can turn it around things will be hunky dory

Lanfear: That's true, but I'm not sure it's quite worth the grind to break even. Maybe just. Would prefer to win though! I think the games are reg-infested atm. Hope other ppl quit their VPP plans!

Bold Bet said...

wow very impressive blog and cool features too. GL to your 2011 goal.

BTW can you show me how to get the status bar working on a blog?


effuno said...

looks like its no longer 'ridonkulous' .;)