January 26, 2011

Pretentious, moi?

This weekend I took my first real break from the Supernova Elite grind and went to Birmingham to watch the Aston Villa vs. Manchester City football match and have a night out on the town afterwards. It's becoming a bit of an annual tradition, almost an 'office party' for some of us poker players, albeit it's only the second year we've done it. A big thanks to Stuart Rutter for setting up the executive box at the game, it's such a cool way to watch a football match. We were right near the Holte End so you capture all the atmosphere, and I really find myself becoming a temporary Aston Villa fan, even though I support Liverpool.

The whole executive box experience is a bit surreal, eating a three course meal and drinking the free (I use this word loosely!) champagne before the match is hardly like having a beer and pie at half time, and it's quite funny seeing the other kinds of people in the boxes. I think 9 young guys trying to order Jagerbombs isn't quite what they are used to! So although it all does feel a bit pretentious, it is pretty awesome getting your own personal balcony to watch the game.

Last year we all pooled some money to bet on the game finishing 3-2 when Villa played Arsenal, soon after their 6-4 result against Blackburn. Of course it was 0-0. This year we managed to jinx ourselves again, putting the money on a 4-2 win to Man City. That was wildly optimistic. At least we saw a goal this time as Villa won 1-0, with £24m Darren Bent scoring on his debut.

It was a bit of a 'balla' day out in total really (anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact I'm very much not 'balla' generally, so apologies for the sick brags!). Stu had booked a VIP booth in this club called Bambu. This was something I'd never done before, and they essentially have a waitress who brings you bottles of spirits, with jugs of mixers, so it all got a little bit messy. I didn't even make it onto a dance floor, I just drunkenly chatted to Guy (outragous76 on Blonde) about my poker exploits of the last few years, which I'm not entirely sure he appreciated!

I'm not really sure I'm up for this clubbing malarky anymore! I think my getting up early (6am ish) every day routine got the best of me as I was completely zonked by 1am and we stayed out until nearly 4am! When I was 17-22 I used to go out in town 2-3 nights a week, but these days it's more like once every couple of months at most. I think meeting girls was one of the core incentives for going out, even though that virtually never happened! When you are tied up, that incentive disappears, and every morning I'm really hungover (a consequence of being a lightweight these days I think!) I realise how much I like just spending time at home with my son and girlfriend. I think I'm becoming too responsible for my own good! Nevertheless, I had a really good time, and it was nice to 'let my hair down' so to speak for the first time this year.

Well I've done a good job of yabbering on there! Poker-wise things are going okay. With taking the weekend off and my volume tailing off just a little, I'm now barely on pace. I think my general plan is to concentrate on profit for the first 8 or 9 months, and try to stay as close to pace as possible. Then, if I need to, grind more for VPPs in the latter months of the year. This would be fairly easily done by switching to playing evenings instead of during the daytime.

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3 Comments to "Pretentious, moi?"

Unknown said...

Are you not just playing SNGs to get to SNE? Shouldnt you put number of games rather than number of hands if so?

Unknown said...

Yeah just SNGs, will add that stat next time. I still find # of hands interesting though...

Maria said...

Sometimes it's good to take a break!