January 10, 2011

Play while you're ahead...

I have been guilty of taking the foot off the accelerator a little bit recently. In all that I've read about becoming Supernova Elite, the importance of staying ahead of pace is stressed. Although I am keeping ahead of pace, I feel I should be doing a bit more to make the difference as much as possible. I've only had two half days off so far, and I can't keep that up forever or else I am going to burn out. I'm also getting married in August which is something I have to consider.

The problem I have at the minute is admittedly a nice one. I'm doing very well in the games, but I think there is a gambling mentality that is affecting my volume. I find it harder to go back to playing after having a very good winning session. It's like I know I've run overly good, and don't want to go back for the luck to even itself out or something. I think it ties in with the old "quit while you're ahead" adage. However, this should have no relevance for a professional poker player.

Despite this, I would say it's definitely led to me having undeserved days off in previous years. Also, if things are going quite the opposite, and I'm running really badly, this also discourages me from playing. Sometimes it's really hard to get back in front of the computer when you feel like you're just going to get continuously pummelled and your luck isn't going to turn.

These are two reasons I decided to go for SNE this year, because it would force me to play whether running overly good or overly bad. Theoretically putting more time in at the tables will hopefully mean earning more money.

I remember reading about this kind of thing in "The Poker Mindset" book by Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger. They emphasize that you must play for the long term, and not care about short-term results such as how one single session went, and concentrate on making good decisions rather than making money. This is great advice. I just have to try and take it as I really don't have a choice!

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6 Comments to "Play while you're ahead..."

x_ROSH125_x said...

Well done on staying ahead of pace..!! I am already behind with only 10 days gone. Time to step it up..!!


Anonymous said...

You really have to think about one think,you wanna stress you all of this year only to ge supernova elite and get 100k?ok good money but will you spend so much time on playing poker and less time on your family?Money is not everything and believe me in one thing!100 you can do also without being a supernova elite.Just enjoy yourself.
cheers Niedman
by the way i also do 100k this year but i dont burn out and i will never ever forget what is really important!
you are already a winner with the family you have! Spend more time with them and dont be a nerd :}
Cheers Heiko

Amatay said...

i am sooo guilty of this. i had a good Oct/Nov and half Dec and since then i struggle to play. This sort of gay thing has 'plagued' me for yrs, massive sighs

Jonny said...

Saw your tweet and looked up your finishing posistions you are rarely going out in 5th though that's very good :) I compared to my games I'm going out 5th and 6th a few percent higher then you. What do you do to avoid that? An another note I notice people seem to be shoving and calling super wide now. Even when they know their oppenent is calling any ace and decent kings... I tried plugging a bunch of hands in sngwiz and it often says should be shoving much tighter then I have made and seen many winning players doing as well. Any thoughts or if you don't feel like sharing strategy I completely understand :)

pokershades1 said...

great blog , i have added you to mine , if you can do the same for me that would be great , thanks .


Unknown said...

Rosh - Staying ahead of pace def looks tough. Hard to earn those days off! glgl!

Heiko - Yeah totally agree with your point, but actually SNE schedule is affecting home life negatively, see plenty of my family. I'm only working ~9 hours which is pretty much true of any working person.

Amatay - Yeah think it's one of those things that's just kind of natural. More grinding less rumping!

Jonny - Calling wide depends on the situation, bad regs tend to call too wide around the bubble and perhaps too tight before the bubble. I'm not sure about your stats dude seems I come 5th plenty to me B-)

Pokershades - Np, you're in.