January 03, 2011

Going for Supernova Elite in 2011...

I have decided to take a shot at making Supernova Elite status on PokerStars this year. This means I must make 1 million VPPs (which equates to raking a total of $181,181) this calendar year. This is a pretty hefty jump from the 100,000 VPPs I managed in 2010, but this year I will be playing exclusively on PokerStars, playing games that rake more than I played for the majority of last year, and also taking a lot less days off.

I have made myself a fancy spreadsheet to help me track my progress. I am currently working on the premise of playing 300 days of the year, giving me a day off per week, and an extra fortnight on top. This means I have to earn 3333 VPPs (or rake about $600) per day. To reach this amount playing the games I will be playing (18-man SNGs) means putting in 9-10 hours a day at the tables, roughly 20-tabling, so it will be an epic grind!

I have been thinking about doing this for the last five months, so I owe it to myself to at least give it a go. I'm not sure how many people start the year aiming for Supernova Elite and drop out at some point during the year, but in 2010 there were 342 people that managed this feat (up from 209 in 2009). I'm hoping come this time next year I will be one of the latter as opposed to the former.

Making Supernova Elite is worth in excess of $100,000 so the financial incentive is there to encourage me to keep grinding away. This is presuming you break-even in the games you are playing, and I'm really hoping playing as much as I will be doing won't frazzle my brain so much that I become a break-even player!

I'm not sure if anyone else is going for it playing 18-man SNGs as their main game, but I do know that 'imcastleman', 'simakos' and 'RunningAlone' all made SNE last year and I see them in my games quite a lot, so it definitely seems like it is achievable.

I will be posting updates on my progress throughout. Hopefully my next post won't be 'My eyes hurt, I quit' but more along the lines of 'I'm on pace and doing okay'.

If you haven't seen the blog before, here's a bit about me. I am 25 years old (nearly 26) and live in Lincoln, England with my fiancé (who I'm marrying later this year) and our one year old son. I play as epitomised on PokerStars and have been grinding MTTSNGs for the last 18-months with a fair amount of success, having played poker professionally for the last 4 or 5 years.

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I am trying to create a definitive list of bloggers who are shooting for Supernova Elite this year. Leave a comment or tweet me @Atkinator if you'd like me to add you to the list on the left hand sidebar.

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11 Comments to "Going for Supernova Elite in 2011..."

live4yng said...

Good luck with your quest. Also thanks for adding my blog to your site! I have done the same.

I love your progress bar at the top left. How would I be able to copy this ingenious creation?

Mark said...

Ha I saw your post in the SNE 2p2 and I was like "wow,rly!".

Best of luck, as you say gonna be a sick grind.

Brian said...

GL...will follow your progress.

What is your opinion on the biggest difference between 9 mans and 18 mans particularly at the $16 level? Perhaps a blog entry about this.

Anonymous said...

Gl buddy! if you need and help or any question let me know.

Anonymous said...

hey i love your blog. I am planning on playing just sngs too on pstars. What would you recommend as multi tabling sngs for single and multi table?

Tzen said...

Good Luck!

effuno said...

hey, gl.I would love to try get SNE myself,but probably not this year. I see you a lot in 16/18s.Don't you think it will be better to mix in some higher BI sngs (45s or even 9man) rather than 16/18s ? Would be that bit less of a grind, esp if you can play less tables (= less tiresome).

Again, GL. :)

JP said...

gl m8

Simplicity8 said...

G'luck to you. I made SNE in 2010 and I will be going for it again by Oct 1st. My current plan is to play 27-38 9mans, 27+ 18mans, and 27+ 45mans.


Mike said...

Best of luck


Unknown said...

live4yng - Have replied on your blog

Longy - Thanks mate!

Brian - I've never played the 9-mans so I'm afraid I'm unqualified to answer!

game2eazy - Thanks man, glad there's other ppl going through the pain lol

Anon - Thanks. 45-mans and 180-mans are always a good start on PStars.

Tzen, JP, Mike and Simplicity - Tyty

effuno - Yeah I think you're right about the $16 games. It's a shame 45s etc don't run when I play. Not sure I want to play 9-mans so might just have to extend sessions a little but playing less tables will be good.