January 18, 2011

5% complete & 1st Battle of the Planets cash...

I think having some sort of target rather than just trying to make money here and there has had some positive effects on my poker play. It actually gives you some sense of achievement. Losing days in poker suck, but are of course inevitable. Whenever I had a losing day I can't help thinking "if I hadn't played at all today, but had done something else that isn't so much hard work, I would be better off." However at the end of each day, whether a winning, losing or break-even day, at least I know I have brought myself closer to my target of making Supernova Elite by the end of the year.

In some ways 5% feels like a really small portion, in other ways it feels pretty good. I'm not sure if having to repeat the last two weeks 19 more times feels reassuringly achievable or particularly daunting.!

One bogus thing is that if I'd played the WSOP Main Event last year, and worn PokerStars attire, I'd be in about the same position VPP-wise as I am now having played my arse off for two and a half weeks. That 50,000 VPP credit might well have been worth the trip to Vegas, even without factoring in the hot strippers weather, drinking plush hotels and the partying nice scenery.

A nice little bonus this week as I made it on to the Battle of the Planets leaderboard. Essentially this requires you to either run-like-God for a period of 20-games, or run-like-God for a period of 100-games. With me playing so many SNGs this year, hopefully I will make a few cashes along the way which will be a nice addition to the effective rakeback I get through being Supernova. $500 for 3rd place in the Uranus Division low-orbit isn't too shabby :)

SNE Quest Stats:
Days played/elapsed:
Hours Played:
Hands Played:
VPPs Earned:
SNE Pace (+/- Pace):
(+ 5,333)

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2 Comments to "5% complete & 1st Battle of the Planets cash..."

Mark said...

Hey James,

Nice blog, and thanks for the link, you have the honor of being the first blog on my blogroll :). My stars sn is magicalcow, doubt we have played though because you seem like an SNG guy and I have probably played like 20 in the past two years. GL at SNE!

Mark (http://gnomeontilt.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

Thank very much for adding our blog to your list. Bye