December 03, 2010

Prop bet fail, The Micros Pilot, Jimmy Carr, SNQ Update & snow!

Prop-bet fail
In my last post I detailed the prop-bet of UK Sit-n-Go grinder "entim" which required him to make $5k profit in $6.50 18-man SNGs within 15 days. He lost the prop-bet after quitting on Day 13. At this point he had only amassed $2.7k in profits, and barring the sickest 'Jerry Yang' style heater, the bet was no longer realistically winnable. Having bet $3333 on himself to win, at least he only ended up losing ~$650 after taking into consideration his game profit.

He ended up playing over 5000 SNGs for the bet, so it is a helluva lot of work to wind up losing money, but he did have a decent shot at winning ~$15k for the bet had he run a little better. He did claim on twitter (@entim) that he "played really badly", but I would imagine it is very difficult to play well when playing so many games in such a short period of time. Apparently this sick grind hasn't deterred him from future prop-bets though, as he says he "will do something similar in the new year".

entim's graph for the prop-bet

The Micros Pilot
The latest thing 'doing the rounds' in the 'pokersphere' (overuse of inverted commas duly noted) is the first episode of an animated series created by Jay "Krantz" Rosenkrantz and John "Jimmylegs" Wray. Threre are a few references you might only get if you follow the 2+2 forums, but even if you don't it's rather cool. Look out for the large box of "Crappy poker books" and the small box of "Good poker books", I though that was a nice touch!

Jimmy Carr
Michael "Wazz" Piper, a British Poker Pro who finished 4th in the 2010 San Remo EPT (which was won by Liv Boeree), found himself on stage at one of comedian Jimmy Carr's gigs, presumably because of his unusual job (or at least unusual to the outside-world!). Predictably Carr asked him at least one of Daleroxxu's "10 questions not to ask me about poker", but Piper did pretty good job of holding his own against the quick-witted Jimmy Carr's jokes...

Supernova Quest
Less than 7000 VPPs left before I hit Supernova, so I should be done in the next few days.

Days played/elapsed: 96/193 (49.7%)
VPPs earned (Day 91): 1760
VPPs earned (Day 92)1050
VPPs earned (Day 93): 2156
VPPs earned (Day 94): 1914
VPPs earned (Day 95): 957
VPPs earned (Day 96): 1155
VPPs earned (2010): 93,250
VPPs remaining: 6,750
Total Hands played: 598,969

I did mention last week that I might try and hit up the UKIPT in Galway, but the insane snow we've been having in Lincolnshire put paid to that idea. Lincoln has been pretty much closed this week, and even the annual Christmas market, which attracts approximately a quarter of a million visitors here every year (the only time tourists come to Lincoln!), was cancelled.  Check out a picture of my back garden below:

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Mark said...

Hey James

Mark here from SNG Planet... have enjoyed your writing style both here and at PN, and was wondering if you would be available to write an article or two for my audience of beginner / aspiring players?

If you could let me know (along with pricing!) at we can go from there.

Thanks, Mark