December 10, 2010

I'm challenging isildur1... a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Best of 3. Only use of one hand permitted at all times.

It may take a little while for the mystery isildur1 to get back to me, as it seems he's going to be pretty busy for the time being. As you've probably already heard, he's been signed to Team PokerStars.

Even the Grim Reaper is patched up these days!
It seems like a shrewd move by PokerStars, and some would consider it quite a coup. After his exploits on Full Tilt, in which he won over $5 million in just a couple of weeks, only to go on to lose that and almost $3 million on top straight afterwards, he is railbird's dream. Stars seem to be taking full advantage of this with their 'Superstar Showdown' concept which you can read about here.

One thing that will be interesting is if we find out who isildur1 really is. It has been heavily speculated that he is Swedish pro Viktor Blom, but a teaser by PokerStars that "his real identity may be revealed before the PCA in January." Hopefully it doesn't turn out that it was Viktor Blom all along, as this will be kind of boring. Personally I'm routing for it to be Norman Chad. Who knows, he might have a holiday home somewhere in Sweden!

In the other big news that has the poker world talking at the moment Senate Majority Leader (I have no idea what this means exactly, but I'm guessing it means he's a fairly important dude in USA politics) Harry Reid has been circulating a bill that could dramatically affect American player's ability to play poker. A 'blackout' period of 15 months to American players on major online poker sites to enable them to get a licence is perhaps the most worrying potential consequence of the bill. There has been a lot written about it, so rather than delve into it I'll direct you to some good cliff notes on the situation here.

Fortunately it looks like the bill has at least been put on the backburner (see here), so the poker world can perhaps breathe easy. At least for the time being.

In less reported news I've been playing donating to most of the UKICOOP events on PokerStars over the last few days. I'm yet to go particularly deep in any of them. Perhaps I haven't been aided by hands such as this one!

Supernova Quest
I'm essentially home and dry, only 2.5k VPPs to go!

Days played/elapsed: 99/200 (49.5%)
VPPs earned (Day 97)1562
VPPs earned (Day 98)1199
VPPs earned (Day 99): 1374
VPPs earned (2010): 97,500
VPPs remaining: 2,500
Total Hands played: 610,592

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9 Comments to "I'm challenging isildur1..."

ei8hty ei8ht said...

[ ] - That hand looked fun

Anonymous said...

It's quite obviously Viktor Blom but it would be brilliant if it was someone like Phil Hellmuth or even that coach that loves Daleroxxu!

Unknown said...

lol Kentucky coach would be best reveal ever!

rubbish said...

I thought it was Burnley Nik the way he pwns Omaha.

FezioJnr said...

haha that's sick. The hand paused on the river and I thought "theres no way hes showing AA". vul mate.

Congrats on pretty much locking down Supernova.

starting_over said...

hey james, just started reading ur blog, looks good. U defo need to get the hungry hippos game sorted, live blogcast??

have to now do the shizz part.....any chance of a link up?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Conan776 said...

Ugh, sick cooler.

Amatay said...

fido dido, why is it the vid thing of snaps of you at the cyber felt plays automatically when you log onto your blog and on my blog you have to click play to see pics of my ugly mug. (see bottom right my blog) Its bugging me, thx :)

Master said...

Hi there from Denmark. Hawe followed U'r blog for long time, and finally now got my own:

I'll have your blog on my list, and maybe U would be so kind and put mine on yours?