November 17, 2010

YouTube dump

Thought I would share some cool YouTube videos that I've come across recently. Apologies if I'm a bit behind and you've been sent them via e-mail multiple times and are sick of them already. Don't worry, I haven't included the sneezing Panda! I believe the first one is fairly recent though, and has been doing the rounds on the poker forums. It's an awesome PokerStars ad that you are unlikely to see on your TV sets, for reasons you'll understand if you watch it (definitely not one for the children!).

Epic PokerStars advert



Apparently the original got taken down due to a copyright fight by EMI, but this copy hasn't been taken down yet. Only heard it for the first time today, and lololol, especially at the choruses.


Perhaps people who don't like Beaker as much as me won't find this as amusing :)

One for if you have small kids...

I think I like this more than my son, but I've played him too many clips that end up making him cry (he especially didn't like the one where a cat fell in the bath!) so I've been playing it safe recently!

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4 Comments to "YouTube dump"

Anonymous said...

My little one loves to watch "The Duck Song" on Youtube, have a look and try not to hum it all day everyday...."bom bom bom, got any grapes"

Mudwig said...

newport vid is amazing!

Unknown said...

Agree Mudwig!

Matt it's so weird that you say that, my gf's sister showed me that earlier today before I saw your comment. Spooky.

Conan776 said...

Great stuff. Also: my name isn't Conran. There's an old joke about one of my fellow Bostonians leaving the "r" out of something important, or, as the punchline goes, in point of fact not, which I can't recall just now. But, no "r" left out here sirrah. How do you like them apples? ;)