November 27, 2010

Sick SNG prop bet...

Fellow UK Sit'n'Go Grinder Timothy Boyle, who plays on-line under the alias entim, is currently in the middle of a prop-bet to try and make $5,000 profit by playing $6.50 18-man turbo SNGs on PokerStars in only a 15-day period. I wish I'd seen the thread on 2+2 before now, because even laying him 3-1 odds (which are the odds for the prop bet), I think it would have been worth putting some money up. Theoretically, maintaining a 10% ROI would require you play nearly 7700 games in order to make $5000. I'd say it's barely feasible to play 500+ 18-man SNGs a day for 15-days straight, let alone maintain a solid win-rate for the duration as well.

Timothy 'entim' Boyle
Although, having said that, 10 days in he is half-way there (see graph below). He has accumulated $2500 profit over the course of 4000 games. Although it's a pretty tall order to make the same amount of profit in the 5 days he has left as he did in the first 10 (especially factoring in potential burn-out), there is great financial reward to spur him on. With $3333 on the line against the $10k that has been bet against him, from the point he is at now he will be almost $16,000 better off if he wins the bet as opposed to losing it (including game profits). That's a pretty sick swing for $6.50 SNGs!
Current Graph at Day 10 of 15
On Twitter (@entim) he tweeted this earlier today: "I'll be needing premium rungood, I'll be playing almost every hour of every day for a while."

Seeing as I don't have any action against him, here is wishing Tim good luck for the next 5 days. If he runs hot and can grind extra hard, he has a shot at it. It certainly won't be easy though, he's gonna need more than a couple of cans of Red Bull to get there!

Aside from the prop-bet, entim has promised to give the rakeback he accumulates, likely to be somewhere between $1k and $1.5k, to the person who best photoshops a picture of another SNG grinder; simakos. Personally I don't understand this (that's a lot of wonga to throw at a jokey project and SNG grinders are usually so particular about their rakeback!), but some stuff it's thrown up is kind of funny. The leader for the dough so far is the creator of this video:

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6 Comments to "Sick SNG prop bet..."

vamooose said...

and the rules of his prop limit Entim to a maximum of 'only' 29 simultaneous tables - makes this a really legendary grind imo (keeps him out your games too lol, he's ruining my roi in these, 15 days you say.....) GL ENTIM

Paul Moreland said...

Hey James what site would you suggest to watch videos ect now? Alot of choices now.

rakebrah said...

lol the video is pretty funny

Anonymous said...

Very sick prop bet considering he's "only" allowed to play 29 tables at once. I wish I had some people's poker grind ethic, and soem actual time to grind!

Rex55 said...

Hey James.. Sure no problem!! Thanks for the good luck wishes. Right back at you.

ALl the best
Cj =)

Unknown said...

Tbh playing more than 29 tables of 18-mans is impossible. I've managed 35 tables of 45s/180s but anymore than 24 18s would be beyond me.

Paul - No idea tbh haven't been a member of a video site for a long time. Check out this recent thread