November 25, 2010

Quick update - considering UKIPT in Galway...

Just a quick update. I've been out of action for the last three days as I've been a bit ill. 'Bit' is the operative word, I don't think what I've had even qualifies as man flu, but I really haven't felt like playing. If I feel better tomorrow I might try and do some sick grinding to get to Supernova by the end of the month. A little part of me wants to go to the UKIPT in Galway which begins on December 2nd which could make for a nice reward. I binked my first live tournament in a side event at the same festival last year, so it holds a little sentiment. Also it was a nice place and I know a few people going who it would be cool to hang out with. Although I'm not sure about going on a dodgy plane with propeller's again!

I've got $6k waiting for me at Supernova ($1k in a milestone bonus, $1k for all the Stellar awards I've yet to cash in, and becoming Supernova will allow me to take advantage of the $4k instant bonus in return for 250,000 of my FPPs, which I've been saving up since last year), so hopefully that will be enough incentive to encourage me to get there asap.

Supernova Quest
Days played/elapsed: 90/183 (49.1%)
VPPs earned (Day 86)1446
VPPs earned (Day 87)1881
VPPs earned (Day 88): 1342
VPPs earned (Day 89): 1865
VPPs earned (Day 90)957
VPPs earned (2010): 84,100
VPPs remaining: 15,900
Total Hands played: 568,302

Only 16k VPPs to go, no excuses now...

Galway UKIPT

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1 Comment to "Quick update - considering UKIPT in Galway..."

ei8hty ei8ht said...

Ooooh look I found the comments finally :)
I'm not sure about Galway myself. I am certainly going to try and play Nottingham though. I was the bubble boy in the live satellite last year.

Nice to see you have such an easy VPP target to hit, you should hit it no problem. I have >50,000 to go haha, going to mix it up big time in December to try and hit it.