November 14, 2010

Being a Dad vs. Poker & more...

I'm not happy with myself over the last couple of weeks as it feels like I've been really lazy in regards to playing poker. My only real excuse is that I'm finding it more difficult to juggle being a Dad and playing poker as my son gets older. He's 14 months old now and wants my attention much more. I think a large problem is that my 'work' is just upstairs. There is no putting on a suit and driving off to the office or whatever for him to distinguish when he can't play with me. Also I have no strict schedule,
My son, Clark.
so it's really difficult to break myself away from playing with him and start work. Recently I've been trying make sure we have a family meal every night around 5.30-6pm, and in some ways this has been pretty restrictive as well. I just need to find a way to fit in two decent sessions during the day, rather than just one, or even just copping out some days because I don't feel I have enough time to put in a full session.

I really need to take a page out of needbeer's book and get a steady schedule that I stick to every day. I'm going to try and get up nice and early this week so I can fit in those 2 sessions, and put a real dent in the ~23k VPPs I still need to make Supernova.

Supernova Quest
Days played/elapsed: 85/174 (48.8%)
VPPs earned (Day 80)1342
VPPs earned (Day 81)495
VPPs earned (Day 82)1073
VPPs earned (Day 83)1293
VPPs earned (Day 84)1391
VPPs earned (Day 85): 995
VPPs earned (2010): 76,700
VPPs remaining: 29,850
Total Hands played: 541,643

PokerStars Update
I was rather pleased to see PokerStars had a pretty major update this last week. For me, the best new feature is that Tournament Summaries are now automatically saved to your hard drive. Every day I would have to request for my tournament summaries to be e-mailed to me, and then copy and paste them into Notepad before importing them into HEM. Now HEM imports them automatically, so that saves 5+ minutes of hassle per day, which although doesn't seem like a big deal, will definitely add up. 

Also, you can get SNGs to auto-close without stealing focus. The Hjalper software had worked around this problem, but it's nice for it to be solved natively. I'm not sure yet if I'll benefit from the new bet-sizing buttons, as TableNinja does most of this kind of work for you, but I imagine I'll find them slightly beneficial.

The only downside is that I find the new time-bank buttons a bit tilting, but perhaps that's just because I was used to the old ones. Check out the recent changes here.

Whilst I'm blabbing on about PokerStars, I also may as well take this time out to congratulate Daleroxxu who announced this week that he is the newest member of Team PokerStars Online. It didn't come as much of a surprise to me,
Nice pic Dale!
as I think anyone who follows his blog will agree that it was well deserved. Well done mate, there's no significance behind the green text, honest ;)

Live Poker
I did play a couple of live tournaments over the last two weeks, and as usual I wondered why I bothered. In the DTD Grand Prix I got my money in as a 95% favourite (which is pretty hard to do!) and lost. I then got kinda slowrolled on my bust hand. I 4-bet QQ for all but 250 of my chips, 1 caller. I shoved for those 250 chips on the Axx board saying I'm not a fan of that ace. He says I should "stop milking it" which presumably means he doesn't like the flop either, so I think I'm good. But after I flip my hand he turns over AK. So that was kinda dirty, but meh, nm.

In the recent DTD £300 deepstack I lost a flip with AK vs 55 that would have made me chip-leader or thereabouts but instead things went against me, and despite making a comeback from 3 big blinds at one point, my perpetual shoving ended up with me running into KK with two undercards. Sigh.

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5 Comments to "Being a Dad vs. Poker & more..."

Wildcat said...

Nice kid, I'd say he's worth spending more time over ;)

Amatay said...

nice pic of your son James. It must be very difficult to juggle poker and a family, i know i'd find it hard although it might make me more discplined with poker having the added responsibility. Hope u get bk to playing a gd stucture soon and obv winning mate. glgl

ROSSI said...

nice set up.

Yeah its really hard trying to play poker with a young child in the house, my lad is a few months older than yours.
I think the key is having a missus that is supportive and helps you out with lie ins etc.
any chance of a blog link up.

hope you find a successfull playing schedule.

Anonymous said...

Juggling working from home with kids is a nightmare mate, regardless of you playing poker or writing about it like me.

If it isn't the kids wanting to jump on me, or are fighting, its the Mrs wanting a lift to the shops etc.

Have you thought about possibly renting some office space somewhere? Seems extreme I know but could get you into proper grind mode

Unknown said...

Thanks Wildcat, he certainly is, but need the $$$ to pay for his shoes and such

Yeah Amatay, it had a super-positive effect on my play when I found out Liz was pregnant, became sensible and grindy which has paid off, just need to put in more hours atm.

Rossi, already had you linked up man. I did just change urls which messed things up a bit perhaps that's why you asked? My missus is good, but the problem is she lets me lie in!

Pud, yeah man, lol, can see the problems that lie ahead! I'm sure office space would be too expensive for it to be +EV, but it's an interesting idea. I guess I'll have to make the office off limits or something...