October 24, 2010

Terrible game, other blogs & SNQ Day 76...

After a solid day at the tables on Friday I ended up taking Saturday off as tickets for my local football team, the not-so-mighty Lincoln City FC, were only a fiver and I ended up going with a couple of mates (yes, sorry for the blatant 'I have friends' brag). This 0-0 encounter was the second worst football match I've ever watched in my life, falling second only to a game featuring, you guessed it, Lincoln City FC in a play-off final I went to watch in 2005.

Here are just a few things I would have preferred to have done than endure this game:

  • Watch back the Liverpool defeats to Everton, Blackpool, Man Utd, or any other games we've managed to lose already this season
  • Listen to an entire 'Slip Knot' album
  • Attend a Political Conference
  • Read Wayne Rooney's autobiography
  • Watch either of the Sex in the City films (my girlfriend will tell you how much I abhor Sex in the City, yes, sorry for the blatant 'I have a gf' brag).

It kinda sucks that weekends tend to be the time when the softest games are available, because I'm often doing stuff at weekends, because that's when friends and family are off work. If I didn't, I'd have no social life whatsoever, but I'm sure it's -EV for my hourly rate. But meh, Life EV is important too so I guess it isn't worth worrying about too much, it just rather came into focus as Saturday felt kinda wasted (even X-Factor wasn't all that good this week, sigh).

Supernova Quest
I've almost hit the half a million hands played milestone...

Days played/elapsed: 76/151 (50.3%)
VPPs earned (Day 76)1458
VPPs earned (Total): 59,200
VPPs remaining: 34,050
Total Hands played: 499,902

A few things going on in the blogging world currently...

Daleroxxu is planning to play poker in 52 countries in 52 weeks next year. Sounds like a rather cool plan. In 6 years I've only played poker in 4 different countries so it should be good fun for him.

Both AceSupper and Nick Rainey have ridiculous grinds in motion...

AceSupper was planning to play 10,000 18-man SNGs in October. I thought this would be pretty impossible when he set out to do it, but with 7500 games remaining and 1 week left in October, it has to be 'gg'.

Nick Rainey is trying to achieve SuperNova Elite status by the end of the year, which will require him to earn over 500,000 VPPs in the next couple of months. I probably shouldn't mention this as it makes my 'Supernova Quest' look a little pathetic, but nevermind!

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7 Comments to "Terrible game, other blogs & SNQ Day 76..."

Daleroxxu said...

Lincoln is a shit-hole!

I heard that from Briefcase on Inbetweeners so it must be true.

Steven said...

...wasn't a calendar month challenge. It's a straight 30 days, which ends at the end of the 7th of November, Australian EST.

It's still looking too tough, I'm probably commuting it to 8,000 SNGs in that time period, which still leaves a hard grind, but even 8k would still get most of the business done for me.

The slow start really hurt me for this challenge, and I wasn't even in the habit of playing consistently before I started, so I'm thinking of trying this again sometime next year.

Fenman77 said...

Hey James thanks for the message, great blog. Good luck with Supernova Quest and thank goodness Liverpool got a win yesterday :)
Cheers Fenman77

Custo said...

Thanks for the comments James.

Cross-linked now.

Am little busy with "real world work" at the moment but may be nice to be able to talk some shop further down the track if you're keen.

Look forward to following your blog.

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

Rainey is a fucking machine, God only know how he puts in the volume he did, if I even attempted 1/8 of it the Mrs would stab me.

There again, if I was winning the dough he is she would probably understand a little better!

SNG Marnis said...

Set you up with the link, hope the supernova quest goes well, Lots of useful stuff here on your blog, will check back regularly.



Unknown said...

Lol yes of course Dale. That comment made the Lincolnshire Echo front page. Busy news day obv.

Ok Ace, didn't realise it was 30-days, still think it's pretty impossible, best of luck w/ it though.

Ty Fenman, hopefully Liverpool can stop destroying my soul with their performances soon!

Thanks Custo, hit me up when you aren't busy

Pud, yeah he's a workhorse that's for sure. Perhaps my missus would understand me more if looking at porn made money :)

Ty Richard, any extra hits are welcome :)