October 18, 2010

Supernova Quest revived & Wagner...

I last mentioned my 'Supernova Quest' at the beginning of July. Initially, it was a challenge to motivate me to put in a decent amount of volume on PokerStars for the rest of the year, but I ended it because I didn't want earning VPPs to detract from the more important goal of making a profit. However, now I am playing 18-mans, I am earning VPPs much more quickly, and with only 39,500 VPPs to earn before the end of the year, achieving Supernova status is kind of important now, so I may as well revive the challenge.

A little delve into my Hold 'em Manager stats shows me this is where I'm at since I started this at the end of May:

Days played/elapsed: 73/145 (50.3%)
VPPs earned (Day 73): 1656
VPPs earned (Total): 53,850
VPPs remaining: 39,400
Total Hands played: 481,446

Sigh...It's disappointing to see that I've only managed to play on half the days available to me so far. Okay, so there were a few weeks where I was out of action, either on holiday or nursing eye infections, but I still feel I should be putting in more days work.

I'm not too far away from reaching 250,000 FPPs, which will allow me to redeem the the $4k bonus as soon as I hit Supernova. I'm glad I've saved up all my FPPs since I started playing on PokerStars, as recently PokerStars announced you can now simply redeem their VIP Rewards for the pure $, rather than having to clear them as bonuses as was the case previously.

I shall be grinding hard for the next few weeks to try and get to Supernova as soon as possible. I've added a little progress thing on the left sidebar to show how things are going for me this year on Stars.

Random thoughts for the day:
Being a Liverpool fan isn't exactly getting less depressing. I'm pleased we've sorted out our ownership issues but our performance at Everton yesterday was nothing short of lacklustre and we thoroughly deserved to lose. I'm not used to seeing 2nd bottom of the table.

At least there's something to brighten my spirits at the weekend at the moment seeing as football certainly can't, and that's Wagner! What a legend. Obviously he won't ever win the X-Factor, but here's hoping he stays in as long as possible. It seems I'm not the only one who thinks he is awesome. Stephen Fry is also a fan:

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1 Comment to "Supernova Quest revived & Wagner..."

DubsPoke said...

Thanks for stopping my desolate and poorly maintained blog. I'm enjoying your sight and look forward to browsing through your archives.

Good luck at the tables.