October 22, 2010

Supernova Quest (days 74 & 75)

Things would be going well for me right now if I wasn't running really gross in $60 18-mans. I'm well overdue some run good in them, but I'm still waiting. Because it is such a bigger buy-in than the $16, $27 and $38 games I am playing at the same time it is more painful when I notice I bust in them, especially deep, which emotionally makes an argument for not playing them. However, I just can't bring myself to stop loading them because the level of play doesn't seem any higher to me than the other buy-ins. So for the 27.5 VPPs per game they command, I will play them until I believe my bad run in them to be more than variance.

Days played/elapsed: 75/150 (50%)
VPPs earned (Day 74)1887
VPPs earned (Day 75): 2024
VPPs earned (Total): 57,750
VPPs remaining: 35,500
Total Hands played: 492,948

I thought I'd post up another funny X-Factor video I came across. It's pretty embarrassing how incomprehensible  Diana Vickers is in this "performance". I reallllllllly disliked her when she was on the show originally, and this didn't really do much to change my mind! Also features a blatant rip off of  the Red Hot Chilli Peppers !

Sadly no embedding allowed for this one, but here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnOsAI_XuLs

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1 Comment to "Supernova Quest (days 74 & 75)"

Anonymous said...

Nice find with the Diana Vickers vid, made me laugh on this miserable Sunday morning!

GL in the $60's, maybe going to the Lincoln City game was the sacrifice the Poker gods (amen) needed to kick start your run good?