October 27, 2010

Half a million hands...

I've now passed the 500,000 hand milestone in my Supernova Quest, so that's how many hands I've played on PokerStars in the last 5 months. Although this amount seems fairly impressive in some ways, I certainly could have played a lot more hands given that I've only played on about half the days available to me in that time. Still, apparently all this poker has taken it's toll me as my girlfriend informed me that I was sleep talking last night, and I kept saying "tilted". Oh well, that's still better than the dream where I've won the World Series of Poker Main Event and wake up to find that, oh wait, I haven't.

Things are going pretty well in the 18-man SNGs at the moment, I don't want to talk about it too much as I will obviously doomswitch myself if I do, but I finally had an upswong in $60 games to at least give me a positive ROI in them now. Think advice from BigBluffzInc is meshing well with my own game now, and I'm getting more knowledgeable on what to do in the more difficult spots you can find yourself in.

Supernova Quest
Days played/elapsed: 79/156 (50.6%)
VPPs earned (Day 77)1304
VPPs earned (Day 78)1683
VPPs earned (Day 79)1216
VPPs earned (2010): 70,150
VPPs remaining: 29,850
Total Hands played: 514,710

Some Live Poker
On Friday I'm going to play the Grand Prix event at Dusk 'Til Dawn, which will break the record for the biggest live poker tournament held in the UK as has already sold out at 900 runners. In some ways it seems rather silly to bother playing a £50 tournament, I'll have to have a pretty solid finish for the money to represent more than just a super standard 'swing', and I'll be losing at least one day or maybe two where I could be grinding for a higher expected winrate. But meh, I figure it will be kind of fun, and the fact they are televising the final table is a little extra incentive.

To date, my only appearance on television (not including crowd shots of me celebrating Lincoln City FC goals on 'Goals on Sunday' when I was about 12) is telling my exit hand for a skit they did whilst filming the first season of the GUKPT. Obviously I didn't realise they were going to do this when they filmed it, but they played clown music in the background, and mixed numerous exit hands together in a "bad beat montage", so I'd have to say I looked rather a prat. Consequently it would be nice to get on TV for actually making a final table of something. Okay, so it's not quite ESPN coverage of the Main Event, or PokerStars.tv coverage of an EPT, but hey, we've all got to start somewhere!

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4 Comments to "Half a million hands..."

rubbish said...

Linked you up as requested. All the best for the weekend. Why am I not on your favourites list? Gutted!

CTH said...

Hey James, this is Ben from dissectingpoker.blogspot.com. I've just added you into my blogroll as you requested. Appreciate if you could add me to yours as well. thank you.

NoCash said...

Hello mate - linked up as requested. Will be at the DTD Grand Prix this weekend as well so see will say hello if I bump into you

snoopy1239 said...

Hi, James. Have added your link. Hope to see you soon. Snoops.