October 04, 2010

Back on the grind + a bit of live poker...

Things were a bit doom and gloom in my last post, but fortunately my trip to the eye clinic led to me being prescribed some eye drops that actually worked and my eye is much better. They had steroids in to give them a bit of an extra kick. Sadly the steroids have had no effect on my muscle mass, I'm still a skinny git!

So I have been able to get back to grinding at the tables, and I have been putting in decent volume to make up for the two weeks that I had to take off because of my eye. I've changed my schedule once more from playing 180-mans in the evening to playing a mix of 18-mans and 45-mans in the daytime. I'm still in the experimental phase, but I feel it's suited me well so far and although I don't have a huge sample to back it up, my results have been promising enough so far.

I decided to play the £300 Deepstack at DTD this weekend, as I hadn't played any live poker since May. This will be the first year since I started playing poker that I haven't got a Hendon Mob Database worthy cash the way things are going, although I've only played 5 tournaments so it's not all that surprising. It was nice to actually play some "real poker" where you can get a bit creative, as opposed to the shove-bot SNGs I usually play. I felt like I played very well, and managed to triple my starting stack without a showdown. I actually flopped quads at one point to win the inevitably small pot where no-one else has much. 

Sadly that kind of luck didn't last, and I lost a big AIPF pot with tens vs fives where the five hit on the river, and shortly after I got it in with 18 bigs with AQs vs 99 AIPF in a very standard spot which resulted in my exit. These are hands that wouldn't cause me to bat an eyelid on my daily grind, but that river five did hurt that little bit more in a live tournament environment, and every time I play live I'm reminded of the ridiculous variance compared to being able to play 50 times more hands in the same time frame multi-tabling online. Still, I always feel it helps to freshen me up a little, and motivates me to grind as much as I can online.

My current goals are just to keep playing and studying 18-mans and 45-mans and try and make some money there, and keep plugging away trying to make Supernova before the end of the year. I need about 56k more VPPs over the next 3 months to make it. I'm managing 1k VPPs+ a day with my current schedule, so I'm optimistic about my chances. I realise Full Tilt has brought out this 'Black Card' majobby but it isn't all that great from what I've heard, and I've decided to commit myself to PokerStars anyway so it wouldn't make much sense for me not to try and get Supernova status. Some good news is that PokerStars have made it so you can swap certain quantities of FPPs for cash, and I'm not too far away from the $4k bonus having saved up pretty much all my FPPs since I started playing seriously on PokerStars.

Random thoughts for the day:
Why in Gods name did Cheryl choose the blonde-Madonna girl in her last three of X-Factor? How did that Aiden dude get in ahead of the cool black guy who worked in a cinema or whatever? And what the hell is going on with Liverpool this season. I mean seriously, we get outplayed by Blackpool at home? I don't think getting rid of Roy Hodgson is the way forward, I like him, but our players need to get their act together sharpish as it looks like this season is a lost cause already and it's only October. I really hope this ownership issue gets sorted out soon, we really need to get rid of Hicks and Gillet ASAP.

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2 Comments to "Back on the grind + a bit of live poker..."

f3nix35 said...

Glad to see things are looking up poker-wise. As far as you go studying the game for your 45 and 18mans, do you just use something like SNGWizz to work out ICM and shove/reshove ranges or what do you do?

James Atkin said...

Thanks man. I flag up all the hands where I'm in a tough spot/not 100% sure what to do during a session using Hjalper and before I start my session the next day I'll go through them all, and yeah pump them through SNG Wiz if it's that kind of decision.