September 14, 2010


I'm currently unable to play poker because of an eye infection which I've had for the last couple of weeks in my left eye. It's gradually got worse and worse and I now can't stand to look at a computer screen (I'm actually typing this with an eye-patch on from a Pirate costume, lol).

It seems like it's some sort of conjunctivitis. I'm onto my third set of eye drops and it seems the doctor is finally getting concerned, so it looks like I'll be referred to an eye clinic this week.

Not my eye, but similar

I have to say I'm rather worried about it. Being unable to earn any money at the moment is certainly frustrating, but if I'm not able to get back to the tables in the foreseeable future then I could have a problem. With a partner and child to support, and a wedding to save up for, having no money coming in isn't really an option. This is one of those cons of being a professional poker player which I always mention to my friends when they say I have a cool job; no sick pay.

I daren't even think about the implications of my eye not getting better, I just have to hope that it does without any lasting effects.

So much for my monthly goals then!

On a more positive note it was my son Clark's 1st birthday over the weekend. It's hard to believe it's been a year since he was born, the year has really flown by. We had a couple of parties at our place, one for his baby friends and one for our families, which went well, and no one has reported any food poisoning and/or salmonella from the barbecue which I was in charge of so that's rather fortunate!

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5 Comments to "Incapacitated"

Mark said...

Sigh, it is pretty scary to think as pro, how screwed we would be if something went wrong health wise.

Joppa Road said...

Get better soon x

Online Poker Rakeback said...

Good luck and i hope you`ll recover soon !

thetank said...

Quick year! Hope the eye is better soon.

James Atkin said...

Thanks for the well wishes guys. Def a quick year Tank!