September 02, 2010

August update and September goals...

My apologies for the lack of updates over the last few weeks. I seemed to lose my motivation in August, for playing and for blogging. I did have a weeks holiday with the in-laws which perhaps took me out of grind mode. I won't say much about the holiday because we went to the least baller location possible. I was lucky enough to have been rather spoilt as a child with holidays where we would go abroad each year (mainly Spain but Orlando also), and as an adult poker has led to visit some cool places (Vegas, Barcelona etc.). Consequently I couldn't help but notice how shit this place generally was! The saving grace was that my son, who is nearly one year old now, had a great time. Also the fact we went with my girlfriend's family meant she could have some time off from looking after Clark. It was also nice to be able to spend some quality time with them, as I left the laptop at home, and was committed to no poker/internet for a whole week (although I did have my iPhone to stop me from getting the shakes!)

August was pretty bloody pathetic for hours put in at the tables, managing only a measly 67 hours. I did have man-flu for a couple of days on top of the 'holiday', but still felt like I majorly slacked. Having watched the exploits of msusyr24 over the last few weeks, who managed to play 9000 MTT SNGs in August (sicko), I feel I need to step it up in September.

My August Results

Although I gave up on my 'Supernova Quest' a few weeks ago because I didn't want it to distract me from just playing for profit, I would still really like to hit Supernova come the end of the year. I need another 70,000 VPPs in the next four months to hit the 100k requirement. Although it might look like a tall order earning more than twice the amount of VPPs I currently have in half the time, bear in mind I was playing on Full Tilt for a large part of the year.

So my "September Challenge" is simply to play 5,000 MTT SNGs in the month, and to rack up at least 20,000 VPPs (I don't like setting profit goals, as I think they can be counter productive). Let's get grinding!

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1 Comment to "August update and September goals..."

BurnleyMik said...

Very best of luck with the September grind James.