August 06, 2010

A couple of cool things...

Sorry for the brief post but wanted to point out these two things I came across today that are well worth a look...

I've only just found this epic 2+2 thread that came about a couple of weeks ago, I LOL'd all through the first couple of pages and there's still 4 left to work my way through. Check it out!

I jacked this from Rupert Elder's blog. If nothing else it's quite cute!

August 02, 2010

Google Translate...

I noticed after looking at hits to my blog from the last week that my recent UK PokerNews column on my Poker Setup was republished by the Lithuanian PokerNews site.

I'm not sure what method was used to translate the column into Lithuanian, but I thought it would be interesting to see how well it translated back to English using Google Translate. The answer is...not so well!

"I couldn’t help thinking that he should have invested some of his tournament winnings on a better set up. At least buy a laptop table ffs! £14.99 from Argos!"

"I can not understand why he can not designate at least some tournaments to win cash patogesnėms conditions. At least, buy a table for portable computers, for 14.99 pounds from the supermarket!"

"One important change in my poker setup came from moving house, which allowed me to have my own office."

"One important dike, conditions have improved my game - House on Wheels, who gave me their own office"

"Usefully, it also provides an extra door to muffle the loud swearing when you are getting repeatedly two-outered and forget that your 10-month old son has just gone to bed!"

"It also provides the conditions for oily curse, when once again the opponent captures one of its two solutions (outs) without fear of admissions to sleep to wake is fresh 10-month old son."