July 02, 2010

Supernova Quest update (+ Days 15, 16 & 17)

The perils of trying to play poker in UK time have been a theme of this blog for quite a while, my last post included. Yesterday's schedule of 10am-6pm showed me it's not really viable to play 180-mans in that time. I had to mix in 45-mans and I just don't feel comfortable playing the two variants at the same time. I've come to prefer the 180s over the 45s so I've got to find a schedule that I'm happy with and that I will be motivated to play on a daily basis. I will be trying 2pm-10pm today.

84,000 VPPs in 6 months is going to be a pretty difficult task when I only earn 500/600 in a full days play. Maybe if I hadn't been so lazy, playing on less than half the days available to me so far, I'd be more on pace. The Supernova status is really a secondary goal of this challenge, I'm really playing for profit, but if I don't get close to Supernova it means I've fallen short of my volume targets.

Incidentally I did play the 200 Seat GTD WSOP Main Event Satellite on PokerStars somewhere in the middle of these results. I was out early after flopping a set, getting the money in good but losing out to a rivered straight. Obviously for only a $370 outlay to bink a $12k package you don't expect to get there very often, and with that being about the full extent of my attempts to qualify, it's pretty pathetic really. I guess it's another year where I'll be saving up to go to Vegas "next year" (something I've said every year since I last went in 2007 :-/). GL to everyone I know playing the Main Event which starts in a couple of days time...

Supernova Quest Update
Days played/elapsed: 17/38
VPPs earned (Day 15): 167
VPPs earned (Day 16): 475
VPPs earned (Day 17): 608
VPPs earned (Total): 9009
VPPs remaining: 84,181

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2 Comments to "Supernova Quest update (+ Days 15, 16 & 17)"

Mark said...

I think you might even have to start later than 2. In my experience starting about 4 catchs the proper peak hours.

I just used to mix 45/180's and volume was fine from about midday, but if your brain isn't wired that way. I understand just sticking to the one format.

Unknown said...

Yeah man, you're dead right.

Looks like there's no way around playing evenings if I want to play 180s.

I tried playing FT 90mans alongside today.

[ ] It went well