July 12, 2010

Supernova Quest closing stats...

I have decided to abandon my "Supernova Quest". I know it seems a bit of a kop out this early doors, but I have a few good reasons:

  • Very unlikely to be able to make Supernova
  • It's restricting me to PokerStars
  • Posting the results has been too time consuming
  • It hasn't succeeded in motivating me to play more

Supernova will be almost impossible to achieve playing the type of games I am playing with the amount of time remaining. Even if I played every day, I think I would be cutting it fairly fine. I have no intention of deviating from 180-mans as profit was always the main goal of this challenge.

Another reason I set out on the SNQ was to restrict myself to playing on PokerStars. However, with TableNinjaFT improved all the time, playing on Full Tilt is becoming more of an option, and not one that I want to turn down just because of this challenge. I'm still experimenting with playing on both sites at the same time, and although I haven't found this all that agreeable yet, I'm working on it.

Finally, I've found it too time consuming to post up all the graphics of results on a daily basis in the way I have been doing. Okay, I don't have to do this, but although it had the benefit of keeping my blog updated more often, it was becoming a bit of a drag, and this time could be better spent playing at the tables, where I haven't spent enough time during the duration of the challenge (so the challenge kinda failed in it's motivation purposes as well).

From now on I'll probably just post up my results on a weekly basis or something.

Overall I am obviously very pleased with my results, although I'm pretty certain I've run rather well this whole time, so bear in mind it's likely that my results are above expectation to some extent. I'm not however happy with how much I have played. I really want to grind harder, as I feel I'm pissing away days here and there where I could be making money.

Closing stats:
Days played/elapsed: 23/47
VPPs earned (Total): 10,848

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5 Comments to "Supernova Quest closing stats..."

Nick said...

I think you made the right choice man. No need being stubborn... Just quitting the challenge is the right thing to do.


Psultimo said...

looks like you were +EV on the last update however your winnings were negative? Does that mean you were making the right decisions? Good job making a go of it btw!

Unknown said...

Yeah it's a fair indication of that, often it means you ran pretty terrible on final tables...

Cheers Niq ;)

Giovanni Pellegrini said...

This is a shame.

Mark said...

ffs, stay on stars plz.

k thx bye.