July 04, 2010

My thoughts on the PokerStars.net Big Game

I am quite an avid watcher of televised poker, as I have blogged about before. I download episodes of poker shows from PokerBay and watch them on my TV thanks to my WDTV Live box.

Recently I have been watching the brand new PokerStars.net Big Game, and I have to say I've been enjoying it so far. In some ways it is similar to Poker After Dark, in that each table is broadcast over 5 episodes, and the game 6-max format. However there are many differences that make it a much more interesting show.
  • It is a Cash Game with $200/400 (100) blinds, similar to High Stakes Poker (which has $300/600 (100) format).
  • The commentary team of Chris Rose and Joe Stapleton. I listen to Joe Stapleton quite a lot on the PokerRoad Radio and The Poker Beat podcasts and he is a very funny dude, and the banter between the two commentators mean it is more like the Lon Mcherron/Norman Chad (which I like) and Gabe Kaplan/AJ Benza (which I miss) partnerships, than the lone commentary teams of Ali Nejad or Gabe Kaplan, which I think makes it more entertaining.
  • The "Loose Cannon" element. This creates such a different dynamic for the show, as these online qualifiers only keep any profit they make, which will usually force their action at some point.
And most importantly...
  • The host Amanda Leatherman is hot, and so far has been seen wearing a very short dress :)
I think the show somewhat relies on the Loose Cannon being a competent player, as it was much more interesting watching professional online grinder Will Davis in week 2, than the complete donk Ernest Wiggins in week 1. Perhaps that's because I enjoyed watching someone who is similar to myself take on the big-boys and do well. Of course it was the good player that went bust (getting his money in good) and the donk that made $50k (after running a hand where he was a 9% dog four times, and somehow winning three of them in Andrew Robl-esque fashion...see below).

The Loose Cannon also gives you someone to root for vicariously, almost like your average gameshow, as the money really means something to them, and would be life changing as opposed to just mood changing. If Will Davis's flopped flush held up in week 2, he would have been nearly $100k to the good, and considering how much was on the line, he took it very well when he bust (a couple of minutes into the video below, he holds T4s in the stage where he had to gamble as there was only a few hands left in the game)...

Anyway, if you like watching poker on TV, I think it's definitely worth watching. Week 3 features a fairly attractive Russian-born chick who seems to play pretty solid from what I've seen so far...

SuperNova Quest
Yesterday's session was somewhat experimental, as I attempted to play both PokerStars 180-mans and Full Tilt 90-mans at the same time. It was also unsuccessful, as trying to handle both sets of tables ended up being so stressful that I ended my session early. I didn't play great and it seemed like I ran pretty bad so was pleased to at least break even. I believe I have found a way to make playing on both sites since that session, so I will be trying it again today and hopefully it will work out much better.

Days played/elapsed: 19/40

VPPs earned (Day 19): 180
VPPs earned (Total): 9600
VPPs remaining: 83,590

Note that 'Atkinator' is the Global Alias I use on Sharkscope to incorporate both PS and FT results...

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2 Comments to "My thoughts on the PokerStars.net Big Game"

Yorkshire Pud said...

I hate Robl, hate him! Seeing him in that video makes me want to glass him!

I think it stems from his old blog, the Ship It Holla Ballas or whatever it was called. He's everything that is wrong with poker players and he sounds like a complete tard too!


El_rio_negro said...

Hi James, maybe you can put this in your blog ? Concerns us all. GL, Entabeni