June 17, 2010

WSOP Tournament of Champions entrants revealed (+ SNQ Day 14)

The top 20 vote getters for the 2010 WSOP TOC have been released. I shared with you my picks a few days ago, where I applied the intricate formula of choosing people I liked. It surprised me that Chris Moneymaker didn't make the cut, as he would be a sentimental choice for many poker players, but perhaps his exposure has been fairly limited since his 2003 WSOP Main Event victory. Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu were unsurprisingly the top 2 choices.

9 of the 20 I picked out made it into the tournament, although personally I think the line-up is quite disappointing as none of the "new-school" players made it in. I mean, TJ Cloutier is in there, but not Jason Mercier?? Sadly no Brits made it either, but looking at the list, they never really had a chance. If they had held this poll in 2005 I think the top 20 would have looked about the same...

The Top 10 Vote Winners:
1. Phil Ivey - 16,267 votes
2. Daniel Negreanu - 16,239
3. Doyle Brunson - 13,796
4. Phil Hellmuth - 12,673
5. Jesus Ferguson - 11,585
6. Allen Cunningham - 10,486
7. Johnny Chan - 10,434
8. Scotty Nguyen - 9,834
9. Barry Greenstein - 9,806
10. John Juanda - 8,835

The Rest:
11. Erik Seidel
12. Jen Harman
13. Huck Seed
14. Dan Harrington
15. TJ Cloutier
16. Sammy Farha
17. Howard Lederer
18. Greg Raymer
19. Joe Hachem
20. Antonio Esfaniari

Automatically entered:
2004 TOC Champion: Annie Duke
2005 TOC Champion: Mike Matusow
2006 TOC Champion: Mike Sexton
2009 WSOP Main Event Champ: Joe Cada
2009 WSOP-E Champ: Barry Shulman

Spnosor Exemptions:
WSOP Acadamey Playoff Winner: ElkY
WSOP.com UK Qualifier: Andrew Barton

#1 Choice, Phil Ivey

SuperNova Quest
Today was quite incredible as it felt like I was going through some of the pain I mentioned that I was due yesterday. However, just as I was winding down and accepting a $500+ loss for the day, I made 5 $12 180-man final tables. Consequently today's session has been kind of bitter-sweet though, as although I have to be happy with the day's results, (especially after a bad start), I had an incredible seven 3rd-6th place finishes, but only one victory. These 180-man tournaments are so top heavy that it really pays to win, so to have converted only 1 tournament doesn't feel great, but that was just the way the cards fell and probably just an example of short-term variance...

Days played/elapsed: 14/23
VPPs earned (Day 14): 548
VPPs earned (Total): 7759
VPPs remaining: 85,431

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