June 08, 2010

Jealous Much??!!!! (+ SNQ Day 8)

Everytime I log into Facebook at the moment, it seems that one of my friends are shipping 6 figures. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly pleased for them...I obviously would prefer they'd win in any tournament I'm not playing/bust out of over a random player...but man does it feel sucky to be grinding $12 SNGs while these guys are shipping it large!

  • Praz Bansi ~$500,000 + WSOP Event #5 Bracelet
  • Stu Rutter ~$180,000 in WSOP Event #6
  • Neil Channing ~$275,000 in WSOP Event #6
  • James Dempsey ~$200,000 + WSOP Event #9 Bracelet
  • Jamie Sykes ~$200,000 winning the Sunday Million

Hopefully that list will be added to with both Dan Carter and Christopher Brammer deep in Event #13 ($1k NLH) with only 52 left from the 3042 that started, and 6-figs for the top 5 finishes. They sit 4th and 2nd in chips respectively going into Day 3 of that event today, best of luck fellas, make me greeeeeennnnn!

Dan Carter

SuperNova Quest
By far the worst day so far, as in 104 180-man SNGs, I made just one final table. That's just sick. I decided to not play 45-mans yesterday because I think my game suffers too much when I have 180-mans alongside.

I took the opportunity to use my Step 5 ticket as I saw the softest line-up I could expect to find. Sadly I got no cards and made a questionable shove with 5bbs that led to me busting out with a Step 4 ticket. I turned a couple of my Step 3s into Step 4s so I think I will just use my 3x Step 4 tickets to buy-in to $215 events in the future (thanks to the reader who told me you could do this, I didn't realise) and take a shot at a WSOP Main Event seat in a couple of the MTT satellites instead.

Days played/elapsed: 8/15
VPPs earned (Day 8): 595
VPPs earned (Total): 4450
VPPs remaining: 88,748
(I had been rounding some figures, but sod it, might as well be accurate)

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