May 28, 2010

Supernova Quest Day 1 & Create the perfect stack...

I just watched a very succinct 5-minute tutorial that is going to prevent a whole lot of mid-session tilt. With only being allowed to observe 20 tables on PokerStars, any fiddling with the layout I would have to do whilst playing 20+ tables, which isn't easy and is very stressful! Little did I know there was a way around this, which is especially easy to implement if you stack your tables. If you are interested in this tutorial, click here. It's provided by the team behind new software Hjälper.

The delay in getting my first video blog (available here if you missed it) means I am slightly behind reporting progress from my new 'Supernova Quest'. I want to post daily results, but didn't want my first video blog to lose focus. So these results are actually from May 25th. It won't take long to catch up to real time, as I had to have a day off thanks to both the PokerStars server being reset and the TableNinja server going down on Wednesday (only 2 days into the challenge, the timing on that kinda sucked!). Also I am going to a friends wedding tomorrow so won't be able to play then either. It felt good to get off to a fantastic start, but the reality is I should only have won approximately $300 on average for the games I was playing, so it was just short term variance going well for once...

Epitomised @ PokerStars

Supernova Quest:
Days played/elapsed: 1/1
VPPs earned: 516
VPPs remaining: 92,750

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1 Comment to "Supernova Quest Day 1 & Create the perfect stack..."

ei8hty ei8ht said...

"Both the PokerStars server being reset and the TableNinja server going down on Wednesday"

A truly devastating day for all of us.