May 31, 2010

Sunglasses at the Poker Table (+ SNQ Day 3)

I decided to write my new UK PokerNews column on what seems to be the hot-topic on all the poker blogs recently: wearing sunglasses at the table. Here's an exert...

Recently there has been a lot of talk of whether sunglasses should be allowed at the poker table, following the topic being discussed on one of the episodes of High Stakes Poker Season 6.

It seemed most of the HSP players were vehemently behind a ban on sunglasses, except for Elky who kept quiet because he was wearing a pair at the time! Tom Dwan suggested he wouldn’t want to play in any non-televised game with a player wearing sunglasses because of his fears of them cheating, as it is purportedly easier to see marked cards through sunglasses.

Perhaps the most vociferous player on the subject was Daniel Negreanu, who has followed this up by posting his views on his blog on a couple of different occasions. He almost seems to suggest that not wearing sunglasses contained some element of skill, pointing towards the fact that “the majority of best players in the world do not wear sunglasses." Read more

SuperNova Quest
Day 3 was March 28th. My first losing day, and as you can tell from my updated graph it was rather gross! However I'm not too concerned about it as I ran way below EV. I'm a bit worried that playing 180-mans and 45-mans at the same time is causing me to play the 45-mans worse, so I'll be keeping an eye on that in my next couple of sessions.

Days played/elapsed: 3/4
VPPs earned (Day 3): 530
VPPs earned (Total): 1634
VPPs remaining: 91,600

Day 3:


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3 Comments to "Sunglasses at the Poker Table (+ SNQ Day 3)"

edgie212 said...

Hi there, enjoying your blog.

Are you only playing SNGS ad MTTs to get to Supernova? Just curious.

Unknown said...

Hey man, Glad you like the blog!

Quite the contrary, I'm playing the SNGs mainly for the profit, it's just that aiming for Supernova means I will have put in the kind of volume I would like to, and it will be a decent reward if I hit it...


Anonymous said...

Girlfriend or Fiance? ;)

Nice one for the link fella!!!